Sunday, 15 September 2013

India's bench strength

Its time for India to register two national teams in ICC & if it happened then both the Indian teams will have the capabilities to dominate the world of cricket as per the current situation. Today India have such great & huge amount of talent that it needs two national teams to give everyone equal opportunity.

I am big critic of current selection panel with Sandip Patil being the head selector. I always have criticized this selection panel as I never understand on the basis of which tournament they are selecting or rejecting the players. Moreover they don't think twice before kicking out any player from the team. As they did with the likes of Zaheer, Yuvraj, Gambhir & Sehwag. They didn't thought much before axing them despite of their experience.

Axing of these veterans (front benchers) resulted into deserving opportunity to back benchers in the test circuit first against australia & likes of Dhawan, Vijay, Jadeja & Bhubaneshwar Kumar made most of it to seal their place in Indian squad for Champions trophy ahead of players like Pujara & Rahane. And this young side didn't only won the champions trophy but made the hattrick of wins by winning ODI tournaments in West Indies & Zimbabwe as well.

Now all of the sudden these guys has become the front benchers for selectors. This current Indian side tends to be India A side but its other way round at the moment. At the moment Yuvraj, Zaheer, Gambhir & Sehwag had finally made their way to India A after a lot of hard work on their respective fitness & form. So now these guys will give everything to get back into the team & Yuvraj has already begun this new season with big hundered & Gambhir has also hit a century for essex. On the other hand in between all these events players like Pujara (for ODIs), Rahane, Rayudu, Mohit Sharma etc are still waiting outside those crashed doors of Indian side and are trying to get in from somewhere.

Phew! Lot of chaos. Next selection is really going to be tough for selectors. I can already the sweat on their heads by seeing the amount of players. The headache of selectors is going to increase with the increase in amount of players. This headache is not because of scarcity of options but because of too many options. The only way out of this is to select different teams for different formats but again each and every player is capable of playing all three formats.

As a fan of Indian cricket, I am very happy to see the increase in strength of benches for Indian team. As this shows that the future of Indian cricket is very bright & selection is very tough. I hope that selectors use this amount of talent wisely, timely & effectively.

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