Friday, 27 May 2016

Maa and her workload

There is only one person in this world who will care for you like an idiot and that person is your mother. Your mother will always love you irrelevant of situation and condition you are in. You may take her for granted but she will work for you all her life and will make sure that you get everything on time. She will forget her pain to make sure that you get everything ready when you are leaving for work. She will give up her needs and dreams to fulfill yours. Do you even imagine how much work your mother do? Or do you think only you have the workload?

My mother is a house wife and I also used to think that her workload is not that much. She has to do the work sitting at home all day but I realised how tough her work is in 2013. In 2013, my mother went to her sister's house to attend the family function. I was having final exams of MBA so I didn't go with her. Before leaving, she did everything  so that I can go through my exams smoothly. My mother went to aunt's place (her sister's place) for three days. She had washed and ironed the clothes which I was going to wear in those three days. Thanks to her work, couple of my exams went smoothly. The real issue was on the third day. On third day, I had a viva and presentation. So I had to be in formals for that and all the formal clothes were in the wash tub.

The task ahead of me was to wash them. It was the time when I realised how much work my mother do in the house. When she was around, I used to throw clothes where I wanted to. She used pick up those clothes, put them in the machine, wash them and iron them with all the love. I realised her task was not only limited to clothes. Cleaning of the house, food, daily household shopping etc. I realised it is not like 9 to 5 job, her job starts from them moment she gets up in the morning till the moment she go back to sleep at night. In that realisation mode, I was moving in the house and was taking a note that what condition I have done of this house.

I called my mother and told her the situation I am in. She scolded me for wearing the formals when it was not needed. She said, "When will you learn to manage your things." Imagine, a management student was scolded by her mother for mismanagement. Then I asked her how to wash the clothes. She instructed me to fill the half of wash tub with water then put some Ariel in it. Ariel was not around the machine. So she asked to bring out the new packet of it from store room. I picked the new pack of Ariel and put some of it in the water. Then she told me to put my clothes in the wash tub and I did that. After that, I set the timer of 5 minutes and went to prepare for my viva. When the washed clothes came out of the machine there was some different feel in them. All the dirt has gone off them. They were looking fresh and new. I think it was the magic of Ariel.

Maa has always trusted Ariel when it comes to cleaning of clothes and Ariel has stood by it. Ariel simply do magic with the clothes. That day, my mother instructed me about while I washing clothes for the first time but these days Ariel matic comes with those instruction. Moreover it gives brilliant cleaning in just one wash. What else you want from a detergent! I learnt a big lesson that day. After that day, I make sure that I always put my dirty clothes in the wash tub  washing machine. I fill up the water in the wash tub and put Ariel in it whenever I am at home. Seeing me doing this, my brother has also stopped throwing his clothes here and there. Laundry is such a thing in which everyone can be a master. It is not like only mothers can do it well. So I share Maa's load when it comes to laundry and Ariel helps me to do it in an effective manner. As a result, you can see the smile on Maa's face in fresh clothes washed by Ariel.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

25 years of my life

25 years. Probably more than half of my life is over. Honestly, I don't even want to live a long life in this mean world. If I evaluate my life then I was an average student in my academic life but I ended up being an MBA. As far as my professional life is concerned then I have ten months of experience in automobile industry, nine months of experience in denim industry and since last one and a half year I am working as an accountant in New India Assurance. I am a freelance writer since last one and a half year. In that one and a half year, I have written a book called 6° with 20 odd bloggers & I have been part of India's first coffee table book for bloggers. I am a freelance designer since last eight months and trying to be a social media influencer.

I am good at one more thing apart from these and that thing is cricket. Actually cricket is above everything for me. If you will wake me up from my death bed and ask me to play cricket, I will be ready for it. This was about my professional life. Now let me talk about me as a person. As a person, I am sensitive, strong headed guy. It is a dangerous combination. It makes me blunt and straight forward. So I am on everyone's face. I am very possessive for the people whom I love. Not only that, I am very honest and loyal to them as well. I don't give up on anything easily. I am simple at most of the things. Small things in life matter a lot for me. I believe that life is lived in moments. Though we run behind the materialistic things in life but life is actually lived in moments. All the materialistic things are going to be here only. Only thing we are going to take with us are the moments we lived. The moments we cherished. Signing the first copy of my book was the biggest moment in my life.

Long walk at night with my father, long drive with my mother, calming my brother's nerves in his crucial matches, whacking the ball over the fielder's head, uprooting the middle stump of the batsman, writing 4 blog posts in a day, hang outs with friends are the moments I will always cherish. There will be more such moments in my life and hopefully bigger ones. We show off materialistic things when we meet friends after a long time but the fact is that they were with us when we were nothing. So we should relive and laugh on old memories instead of showing off the materialism. Biggest thing one can donate in this world is smile. And that smile can come through even smallest of the things. I try to donate smiles with whatever I have because life is not fair to everyone and I am blessed that I am leading such a good life.

I am blessed with the best parents in the whole world but they deserve a better son than me. As at times, I take them for granted. Life hasn't been a fairy tale for me. I have been ignored, humiliated, discarded and isolated by my own people. People whom I gave the most importance, whom I considered my family played with my feelings and cheated me. They shown me their true colours when I needed them the most. I have no regrets that I gave them the importance, considered them as family & best friends & valued them. I simply gave them everything I had, it was their decision to ignore me, humiliate me and discard me. And for that there is one rule in life, you reap what you sow. So they will get it back in some or the other way. There will be very few people in this world apart from your parents who will care for you like an idiot. Never let them go. Always make them feel good. Value them and give them the importance they deserve.

I know I know, I should be doing satsang somewhere but I don't want to force people to live my way because they will live my way only in front of me or only to show me. While they will be totally different nature wise. So I will be forcing them to be two faced. Satsang is already making people two faced and I don't want to fall that much for the sake of money. As I am getting older, I am loosing that version of me who finds fun even in the worst situation of life. Anyways, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has part of my life in last 25 years. Each one of you have taught me some or the other thing.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

#IPL Collection

I got a good response on my #WT20 collection and that response encouraged me to come up with #IPL collection. I ran a poll on twitter asking people whether I should make #IPL collection or not? And I got this result.

I know IPL has begun and I am late in launching it. Actually I am not late in launching it. I planned to launch in the middle of the season and there is a reason for that. It was an emotional end to #Wt20. West Indies won it. They entertained us, brought smile on our faces with their moves but the way they were treated by their cricket board, it made us emotional. IPL started within few days after #wt20 and people were still in the hangover of #wt20. People were less interested in IPL. Now the tournament is approaching its business end. So I think this is the best time to launch IPL collection.

*removing the curtains*

IPL Collection

*curtains on the floor*

I have designed only one tee on freecultr. It is a general tee showing the cricket ground. The background of that tee is like lush green outfield of the ground. Thinking behind this tee was that we often go to watch live matches in stadiums and other local grounds but we don't find the right clothes for that purpose. I mean if we are going for international matches then we get the tees of the team whon we are supporting but what if we are going for domestic tournaments or local tournaments? We don't get the tees of those teams. So here is the tee satisfy the purpose of watching any type of cricket match.

On PosterGully, I picked up a squad of players whom I wanted to see on my products. Squad consists of Indian players mostly. There are some foreign players as well. Here I am going to disclose only foreign players as captains do in their first IPL match of the season. So the foreign players in my IPL collection are Warner, AB DeVilliers, Williamson, Miller, Malinga & Morgan. I wanted to design the collection in this way during #Wt20 only but things didn't work out at that time.

This collection is bigger than previous one. There is more variery in this collection. I have put many more players in this collection and mostly Indian. So you will get your favorite player easily. And considering the variety of products on postergully, you can decorate your house with this collection. This is not a boys centric collection. I know girls also love cricket so there are equal no. of products for girls in this collection. In the beginning of the paragraph, I only used bigger and not bigger and better. I want you to decide whether this collection is better than #Wt20 collection or not.

Best products of #Wt20 Collection