Monday, 19 September 2011

The Unforgettable Tour Part-2

Its not over yet after test series lot has happened during T20 & ODI seires after test series also India's failure continues during t20 & ODI series. It wasn't only about poor performance on the field but off the field also happened a lot, where Nasser Hussain & Geoffery Boycott commented about Indian players. We will come back to it, first let's take a look what happened during rest of the tour.

India started well during T20 with Parthiv Patel & Ajinkya Rahane. Rahul Dravid made his first & last international T20 memorable by hitting 3 consecutive sixes before getting out but at the end of there was great Indian collapse & India was restricted to 160 odd runs. England had long batting line-up it proved so Indian bowlers were not up to the mark. India lost T20 match.

1st ODI:
India still looking for its 1st win of the tour once again Parthiv Patel & Ajinkya Rahane gave an excellent start but Rahane departed for 40 odd runs & Patel played his career best innings of 95. With the help of Patel's 95 & Raina's fireworks at the end. India reached the respectable score of 274 of 50 overs. England in reply started shattering after 6 overs they were 27/2 when rain saved them. In this way India was restricted from getting its 1st win.

2nd ODI:
This match was reduced to 23 overs due to rain. India was put to bat first by England. Rahane & Raina gained fighting total but Indian bowling fell apart once again in that match & we lost the match

3rd ODI:
In this match India didn't got off to a good start. India was going down at 58/5. Dhoni & Jadeja rose to the ocassion & gained respectable total of 234. It was the match in which Indian bowlers were enjoying bowling but here English batsmen got an edge over Indian bowlers & won the match.

4th ODI:
India got off to a good start then few wickets fell quickly. Raina & Dhoni showed their class & took India to winning total. England gave a hard fight when they were 270/8 in 48.5 overs. Once again rain came in to play & match was tied according to D/L method.

5th ODI:
In this game India crossed 300 mark for the first time in the tour. Dravid made his last appearance in the ODIs memorable with his 50. Kohli & Dhoni also played formidably well but Indian bowlers didn't had potential to stop England from winning.

According to me who really shined throught the rest of the tour were Rahane, Patel, Raina, Dhoni & Jadeja. Rahane made his debut count & played well in his debut series. Parthiv was like a new born child who has no fear in this series. Raina played to his potential in the limited overs which was lacking in him during test series. Dhoni was the only one who was with the team through out the tour. Jadeja without any match practice performed very well as allrounder.

Now let's come things happened off the field. Nasser Hussain called Indian fielders donkeys. If you look at his records under his captaincy England were beneath the earth. After Nasser's comment Micheal Vaughan tweeted I saw 4 donkeys on the field. Now his records were ok but then also he was forced to retire & when he announced his retirement he cried like a child during the same press conference.
The last one was Boycott ya the one who looks like a swine. He said in the pre match show that i have seen some dogs practicing while Indian team was practicing. I don't know much about him other than he looks like a swine.

This was a unforgettable tour for every Indian. Hopefully next time India will make the tour unforgettable for England.

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Unforgettable Tour

I am not talking about Amitabh bachchan's world tour i am talking about India's tour of England. Where world champions team fell apart against the over hyped team named england. Before India went on the tour, England was out of the world cup as they lost against the underdogs like bangladesh & Ireland. On the other hand Indians were hot favourites before the tour started & when the started rest is history.

Overhyped England whitewashed India 4-0 in the test series. Let's see what's happened in test series? Before 1st test started India was coming of a west Indian tour beating them 1-0 in the test series. India was looking good with the come back of their injured players gambhir & zaheer.

1st Test:
India won the toss & elected to field first as per conditions that was a good descision so it proved to be until zaheer was bowling he sent back both the openers very early & then there comes India's first setback Zaheer pulled hamstring & left the field from that moment Indian bowling fell apart except praveen kumar no one really contributed. Same was the case with the Indian batting they failed in reading the conditions. England were up 1-0.

2nd Test:
Records says India most of the times didn't start well in the test series on the foriegn land but comes back very strongly. On that note India was expected to come back very strongly. India did so on the 1st day as Indian bowlers wrapped english side under 250 but again Indian batting fell apart. Yuvraj & Dravid gave India some sort of lead but that wasn't enough. In 2nd Innings both Indian Bowling & batting wasn't good enough even to draw the match. Again England won the match & lead the series 2-0.

3rd Test:
In the 3rd test there was one good news & one bad news for India. Good news was Sehwag was making a come back in the side on the other hand Yuvraj was injured during the 2nd test left the squad.
Sehwag's come back was a dud as he got king pair in the match. He got out on the golden duck in both Innings & again England dominated the match & after loosing this test India lost their no 1 spot in the test rankings.

4th Test:
In the last test of the series RP Singh got the chance in place of injured PK he surprised all of us with his bowling in a negative way because he wasn't confident enough to ball & secondly he was bowling at the pace PK bowls.
England set the big total. For the first time in the series we touched the 300 mark & unfortunately it was the last time in that series & we again lost the match.

So in this way India lost the series & no 1 spot to England. Media says this is 'forgetable' tour for India but I think it is 'unforgettable' tour for most of the Indian players.

In this series only Rahul Dravid fought hard for India. He played so well as he showed the glimpse of his whole career in his last tour in England. For England who really dominated was Stuart Broad before this series he was strugling with his form but he came back very strongly as an all-rounder.

I still think England don't deserve to be no 1 test side because this the same side which lost to Ireland & Bangladesh in the world cup. I think in this series everything gone right for England & all went wrong for India that's why India lost no 1 test ranking.