Saturday, 5 December 2015

Designs - December 2015

In November I took one step further in designing. While designing December's designs I got an inviting mail from Poster Gully. I had never heard of Poster Gully before but I was happy with that mail. Not being a professional designer if I am getting a mail from another website to put my designs on it then it is some sort of achievement for me as a designer. I discussed about it with one of my friends & he said that Poster Gully is a good website and he often buy things from it. Then I submitted my artwork on it and it was approved by them then the products were online.

There is only t-shirts on freecultr while on Poster Gully there are posters, mobile cases, laptop skins, wall arts, wall clocks, t-shirts, tank tops, greeting cards, hoodies, mugs etc. So now my product portfolio is wide and varied. Hence I am concentrating more on designing these days. I am giving lot of time to it and trying to make better designs. Let's have a look at the designs of this month.

On freecultr I have created 7 designs for this month. December is month of Christmas and new year parties. So I have made a tee on dark shade with party christmas tree on it. Second tee is dedicated to all the bloggers (including me). It says Being Blogger. Now all the bloggers can announce themselves proudly in society. Third one is around the world tee. It has world's famous monuments on it with the globe in centre. It is a good looking green tee.

Fourth tee is in light blue colour with small clouds all over it. Fifth tee has checks on it. Normally we see checks on the shirt. So I thought let mee try it on tee. Black and white checks gave an awesome look to the tee. Sixth one is in dark green colour with one of the cocktails on it. 'Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat' is the message on the last of this month for those who dream.

On poster gully, I have made almost all the products but today I will talk about three of them in which I have made more designs. Let's start with hoodies.

In winter hoodies are the new black and eventually the hoodies on poster gully are in black. Hoodies are decent with simple designs on them. Poster Gully offer hoodies in two colours black and grey. Hope you guys will love these hoodies.

Laptop skins are classy. It will change the look of your laptop. There is simpson, joker & back of aamir khan on it. Your laptop will get a new look after wearing these skins.

Protecting a mobile has become trendy with the designer cases. Poster Gully has mobile cases for almost all the premium mobiles. So if you want to give a trendy look to your mobile. Buy one of these.

Products of the month

Yes from this month its products of the month. This month its a tee, a hoodie and a laptop skin has grabbed some eyeballs.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Designs - November 2015

Diwali is round the corner & everyone of you is ready to go on a shopping spree. So I am here to help you. This month I have made six designs to make your Diwali happy & trendy. This month I have played more with colors and drawings rather than messages. As Diwali is around the corner I thoughts drawings on different colors will be more appropriate than messages. There are couple of message tees though & both of them are based on theme given by freecultr in October. There are in all twenty three t-shirts in my tee store. As I mentioned in october's post there is something for everyone. So Express Yourself by donning cool tees from my tee store.

Winter has arrived. Leaves are falling from the trees. Hence the first tee of novemeber is for those who want to express the arrival of winter.

Second one is in orange with the replica of Christ the redeemer on it. This tee is not only for Christians. This tee is for all those people who love that Christ the redeemer statue & who simply believes in Jesus Christ. So express your love for Jesus Christ by donning this tee.

Last month I made the 'O' & 'X' tee in dark blue shade. This time I have made the same tee in light blue shade. Os & Xs all over the tee are looking even more awesome in light blue shade.

I found pic of an antique cycle on the internet so I thought let me make a tee out of it. There are lots of people who love antique things. So this tee is for those peopele. People express your love for antiques & cycling through this tee.

Freecultr gave designers a challenge to make tees with the theme of Unsingle. Unsingle was not about love but it was about connection & friendship. So I made a phrase 'unsingle yourself!' & made couple of tees around it. Change your status to unsingle with these tees.

The tee which caught some eye balls in the month of october is 'Tu beer hai' t-shirt. I just want to say tu beer hai yaar.

Enjoy your Diwali Shopping.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Designs - October 2015

When I began designing I didn't knew even D of designing and to add to that there were conditions of freecultr. It wasn't easy for me. In the beginning I had no idea how I will do it. It was quite frustrating in the beginning. Everything was going haywards. I was not even getting the right tools to design but as they say where there is a will there is a way. I had a will to design thus I found a way to design t-shirts. I found right tools to design according to the conditions of freecultr. Then there was no stopping for me. I was really excited as I found those tools because by then I was more than ready to try my hand at designing.

When I started designing I had couple of things in my mind. One freecultr's campaign 'express yourself' & other thing was what kind of tees I personally prefer to wear? I prefer simple tees with cool and decent design & colour. When I buy a tee first thing I look on it is what is written on it. I am very specific about that. The reason for not buying a particular t-shirt for me is mostly that I didn't like the text written on it. So I take care of that while designing a tee. Apart from that I am trying different things on different colours. I think I have something for everyone in my store by now. Let's have a look at designs in my store.

I started with 'Born to' series. At some point of time in life we all realise what we are born to do. So this 'Born to' series is for those who have realised that. For the time being there two tees in this series but there are many more to come.

Then I used a heart in my tees. There are two contrasting tees in heart design. First one is #ForeverAlone for those who are lonely & other one is to impress your crush or to express your love.


When I started designing Sangakkara was playing his last series of his career. So 'best lefty' tee was a tribute to him. Another cricket tee has been made with 'Keep calm' thing for those who just love cricket. I am a cricket maniac so many more cricket tees are on its way.


There are couple of beer tees as well. One of them says 'tu beer hai'. Recently on twitter people were saying each other tu beer hai yaar. So I thought let's make a tee out of it. Other beer tee again is combined with 'Keep Calm'.


There are couple of tees with scribbling, one of the tee is dedicated to the game tic tac toe, one of them is fashionistic tee, one of the tee is with the face of duck etc. In all there are 17 designs on my tee store. As I mentioned earlier there is something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Visit my tee store on freecultr and buy a tee to express yorself.

Wait! I have a FESTIVE OFFER for you. Get flat Rs. 200 off on all the designs in my tee store and it is more than 40% of the price. Use coupon code AADW46 to avail the flat 40% discount. There is a link to tee store on this blog as well. So hurry up! Get your tee and Express Yourself.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

My New Venture

My uncle taught me to never get satisfied with what you have. Always go for more. Today I have a government job but if I stick to that only. I will never get there where I want to be. I always wanted to start an online business & I am trying for it since I have completed my MBA. Finally Freecultr gave me that opportunity to start that business. It is more of a profession. On Freecultr I am designing t-shirts for guys and girls and selling them on their website. Freecultr has given me my space to design and they call it a tee store where I put my thoughts on my tees. Designing is something which I have never studied but I was interested in it. So it was worth giving a try.

I have come a long way to this. I worked in a denim industry for quite sometime in a hope to start my own denim brand but that thing didn't worked out. People has wasted my time and has kept me waiting just because they had that network and knowledge which I needed from them to start my own business. Actually I want to thank all those people who wasted my time and said no in the end & those who kept me waiting, gave me hopes which were never fulfilled. I never wanted a godfather in my life. I was pulled towards those people because of the hopes they gave me. Moreover those people are part of my own family. It was the toughest lesson of my life which my own family taught me. They pushed me to do everything on my own.

Now I am doing everything on my own. I never wanted a godfather in my life so I don't have a godfather in my life. I will try & be a self made man. Tee store on Freecultr is first step towards it. The name of my tee store is RMG Apparels. It is kept on the intials of my parents who are everything to me in this world. I have started designing according to the terms and conditions of Freecultr and the resources I have. They are not allowing me to put copyright stuff like Simpson, Joker etc. These characters are very popular among us as we love some or the other thing about them. (I have made some cool designs of the simpsons and joker. Contact me if any apparel brand or designer is interested in it.)

There are certain limitations on Freecultr & it is very different from having my own brand but it gives me that freedom of my own venture without investing a single penny into it. Only thing I am investing into it is my time and my internet pack. I am trying to make and sell some cool designs on my tee store. I design by keeping various things in my mind. I hope people of this country love it. Success and failure are part and parcel of life but I want this tee store to be a huge success story to me. Whether it is successful or not at the moment I am enjoying it. I am expanding my horizons with it. I am trying to establish myself with the talent and skills god has given me. So let's hope for the best and let my designs do the rest.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

My superhero turns 51 today

24th June 2014. My father said to me "it's my birthday today. Have you even wished me?" I was really feeling bad that I didn't even wish him on his birthday. It was not like I forgot that his birthday I thought it is on different day. Actually he celebrate his birthday twice in a year. Once the day he was born i.e. 24th june and the date which my grandpa wrote while taking his admission in school. So last year I thought the other date is the real one not 24th june. In that confusion I didn't wish him last year.

Paa is 51 now. So I will try to evaluate 50 years of his life from what I have seen and heard about him. Life is not easy when you loose your father at the age of five. My father started earning since he was in 10th standard. I remember my grandma used to say 'If there is a blanket there is cold but if there is no blanket then there is no cold.' I have just heard this qoute but my father has lived that qoute. He was a brilliant student in school. He would have been a doctor or an engineer today but he dropped science in 11th standard because we had no money.

They say if you want to test a man then see how he treats the people below him and my father treats the people below him like they are equal to him. He will do whatever he can for them. In family also no matter how one talks about him or how one treats him he will always be there for that person if he or she needs him in trouble. Apart from that very few people know that my father is an amazing host. Those who have experienced his hospitality knows that how amazing host he is. Those who don't have experienced his hospitality I just hope that you experience it one day.

Now if I come upon my relation with him then he is more of a friend to me. He sits with me every single day and ask me about how was my day?, is there any difficulty I am facing in office?, etc. He guides me at every step of my life. Whenever I have gone against him in life I have failed. Just by looking at me he will know about my mood. If I am happy he will join in but if I am sad or upset he will be the first person to ask me about it. I just love going on long walks with him. There are very few things in this world which money cannot buy and one of them is love of father. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

As a person I just salute him. He might not have made a lot of money in his life but he has won many hearts and have earned a respect of lot. I am trying to convince him to write his autobiography for quite sometime now but he being modest always say that I am not great enough to write an autobiography. I hope I will convince him one day. My role in his life will now increase with the rise in his age. Paa, on your 51st birthday I assure you that from now onwards I will live for you and mumma only.

Happy 51st Birthday Paa (Mohan Godhwani).

Saturday, 23 May 2015

I still love you

I am blogging for almost five years now. I think its time to move to next step now. Yes I mean its time to become an author. My first book is under process at the moment in that I have written three chapters. The publishers are designing its cover and thinking its suitable title. So it will be out soon. I am co-author of that book along with 24 other writers. I am eagerly waiting for that to come out. Now to write a book you need a story and the way you want to write or present it.

I want to begin with a love story. I was in search of a love story for quite some time to begin. Then one of my friend who is a fan of my writing came up with his story. Woh kehte hain na agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh poori kaynaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jati hai. I was searching for a story and it came to me from my friend. We used to go to cricket coaching together. We both are left handers. He is a opening batsman though. Apart from being a fellow cricketer he is a fellow Blogger too. Being a writer himself he wants me to write his story. He says I will write better than him. He even made me write a poem. Imagine a typical content writer writing a poem.

Now let's come on to the story. Being a love story. It has madness, love, lies and dirty mind games. Normally books are written on those love stories which has happy ending. This love story don't have happy ending but its ending will make lot of people happy. Its an amazing story. When I heard it, it left tears in my eyes. Now to write this story all I have is my friend's feelings. It's a real challenge to convert it into a book. I don't know whether I will be able to convert it into a book or not. I don't know how it will shape up. I only know one thing that I am going to write it.

I invite all of you to come and shower your blessinsgs on Yuvraj and Pari by reading this blog post so that these two can take you to an incredible journey of love and emotions. It is a fiction with lots of emotions but no drama. I can't say more about it as it is in its inception stage right now. I think I will give it an year or so then I will write another blog post to let you know what's happening around Yuvraj and Pari.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cars around 5 Lacs.

I am back on cars after a long time. In March one of my friends told me that I am planning to buy a car in May and I want your reviews on different cars in market through a blog post. He said that the information he gets through my post he does not get that information by meeting me personally. I actually loved that statement at least someone loves my reviews on cars. Hence this post is dedicated to him. His budget is around 5 lacs so my prime focus is on small cars. In Indian car market small cars holds the biggest market share. So there are lots and lots of options in that segment and it is not possible to review all the cars in that segment. Hence keeping that budget in mind I have chosen few cars on which I will give my views.

Hyundai i10:

Let's start with i10. Frankly speaking I am not a fan of Hyundai's designing. So I don't like i10 and even grand i10 look wise. Now if we come on its engine and comfort then its engine is of 1086 cc which is not that powerful while Hyundai is not at all comfortable for the people with the knee problem. Moreover Its average is around 15 kmph. I feel Wagon R is much better and cheaper than i10. Wagon R's average is more than i10 and looks much better than i10. I mean what you look for in a small car? Good looks, comfort, nice average & according to me i10 gives you these to an extent but at much higher price. It is not value for money car according to me. At the price of i10 there are much better options available in the market. There are much better options available in the market. There are so many cars in the market which provide much much in the same price then why to go for i10?

Volkwagen Polo

Polo crosses the price of Rs. 5 lacs but it is worth giving that much money for that car. Polo, look wise is one of the best in the segment. It has 1200 cc powerful and long lasting engine. It gives you the average around 14 kmph in the city. Moreover it has that quality of comfort and other features which puts it in a different league altogether. Only thing which you have think before buying polo is its maintenance cost. Every Indian think about maintenance cost before buying a car. Polo has pretty high maintenance cost. If you are ready to pay around 10k at the time of service of Polo (everytime) then Polo is the best car in that price range. Polo is so good that your next three generations will drive it without any problem but the only issue is its maintenance cost.

Tata Bolt

Last couple of years has not been good for Tata Motors. They had lot of expectations from nano but it was a huge flop countrywide. At the same indica started disappearing from the market. Moreover sumo too lost its charm. People's perception regarding tata cars changed over time and are ignoring Tata at the moment. Tata has come up with Bolt and Zest seeing that. Bolt is in the range of 5 lacs. It comes with 1200 cc revotron engine. It has multi drive mode. Look wise it is good. Average is around 15 which is pretty good. Tata is too late to enter in the market of hatchbacks but it has come out with good one. Its all about how you differtiate yourself in the market. Tata is differtiating bolt on its multi drive mode which no other car has in this price range. Tata is providing technologically adavanced car in such a low price. I think one should seriously think about it before going for other options. I am looking forward to it as I think it has potential to establish itself well in the market.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz & Swift


I am using Ritz for more than two years now and I am satisfied with it. It gives me smooth drive. It is so comfortable that my mom don't stop praising it for that. My mom has a knee problem so I always wanted a car which gives her comfort and Ritz provide that comfort to her. It looks good. Its maintenance is quite low. It has powerful 1200 cc K series engine. It has great space. Only thing I feel it doesn't provide is good average. It gives me the average of 11 kmph in the city. It hasn't been great success for Maruti and I think there is only one reason behind it that it is in the same price range of Swift. The difference in the price of Ritz and Swift is of 25K-30K. Maruti's Swift is responsible for the not so great run of Ritz in the market. According to me Ritz is a good looking hatchback which gives you an awesome ride.


I think Swift is the best car Maruti Suzuki has ever made. We all know that today Maruti is relying highly on Swift and Swift Dzire. Both these cars are best in class. I still regret that why I went for Ritz rather than Swift. Swift again is really smooth ride, it provides great comfort (better than ritz), it looks much better than other cars in the market, it has powerful 1200 cc K series engine, it has name of Maruti so low maintenance and high resale value is assured. Moreover it has good average of 15 kmph. If we compare it with Polo in terms of maintenance cost them its maintenance cost is 20% that of Polo. I think one should go for swift blindly if anyone want to buy a car around 5 lacs. Swift is not only the best car by Maruti till date but it is also the best car in the price range of 5 lacs.

Among others there are Sail u-va and Beat to look for but they are only good to catch your eye. Chevrolet doesn't stand out in all the aspects as the above mentioned cars do. So according to me one should look forward to above mentioned cars if you want to buy a car around 5 lacs.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

God's best gift to me.

'We don't get much opportunities to thank our parents.' I began my post with this statement last year and I want to change it this year. Actually the fact is we take our parents for granted and don't even try to thank them. We thank the whole world for whatever they do for us but we don't thank our parents while they do everything for us. I will write a blog post on them every year on their anniversary. This time its their 25th marriage anniversary and I will try my best to make it special with everything I can do.

Once I went to pick up Paa from his office in the evening. One of his colleagues said 'its good that your son comes to pick you up whenever needed. We have to go and find someone when there is some urgency with our health or anything else as our son is not here in Ahmedabad.' I was moved by those words. That man was some 5 to 6 years elder than paa and I could see on his face that how much he missed his son in this age. I decided at that moment only that I am never going to leave my parents in this age just to earn few more pennies. If I am destined to then I will make everything here only whatever I want to but I am not going to leave my parents at any cost. How can a person can leave their parents in the age when they need them the most. Do you even realize how much sacrifices they do to help you to reach whereever you are today. I will put light on the sacrifices my parents have done for us in this post.

Sacrifices made by Paa:

Paa has sacrificed his career behind us. In government sector the term for transfer is atleast three years. So my father didn't went for promotion only because of us. If he had gone for promotion then he would have been transferred anywhere in the country every three years. Due to that we wouldn't have got proper education as there would have been year dropouts etc in changing the school with every transfer. He could have been selfish and could have left us with mumma but no he never wanted that we miss the love of any of the parent as he has missed his father all his life. Apart from his career he has sacrificed lots of his needs just to fulfill our needs. He has made that habit of killing his needs for us and by now he has become very simple man. He just want to see us happy he doesn't want anything else in his life. I have big dreams in life and he values my dreams and is ready to invest in it despite knowing the amount of risk and struggle in it.

Sacrifices made by Mumma:

Mumma has given her legs behind us. She has ran behind us all her life. She makes sure that I get my tiffin on time in the morning. She makes sure that Hitu gets his clothes and tea properly and on time in the morning just make sure that he is ready and active for his college or cricket practice. She takes care of our food that it is more than sufficient for the activities we are going to do in the whole day. She do all these things without worrying about her health. She has got a knee problem now and she faces difficulty even in walking and indirectly we are only responsible for her such condition. Doctors say that she has got this problem due to the operations while giving birth to both of us. So imagine how much she love us. Boys, in this world no girl will love you more than your mother. So don't leave her alone in the old age for any girl. Likewise Paa she has also killed lots of her needs to fulfill our needs. Despite being in pain she never make us feel that pain.

How much lucky we both are to have such parents in our life. I will never regret if I have to sacrifice some of my dreams for them. You carry some part of your parents in you and I am happy that I have some qualities of my parents in me. God, thank you for giving me such parents. Paa and Mumma, no matter in whatever condition we are in future I will always be there with you. We are going to be together in every situation. You guys will always matter the most for me until I live. Girls, listen my parents will always be first for me. So you have to accept me with my parents. I will never leave my parents so if you have any such plans stay away from me.