Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Wedding Photographer

I am a blogger and blogging has given me the tag of writer. With the help of blogging, I became the co author of six degrees - game of blogs. I have written that book with twenty three other bloggers. As the title suggests, it was a game of blogs in which bloggers of India were divided into thirty teams. We were given the characters. We had to web a story around them. It was played in three rounds. Every round lasted for one month. Every month ten blog posts were submitted by each team. After the third round my team (By Lines) won as we wrote the best story. I became an author as top three stories were published in a book called six degrees.

Now, I want to go to the next level. I want to write a book on my own. I know it is very different and difficult from writing a blog. To write well, you have to read a lot. So I read a lot. I am not an avid reader. So I complete only those stories which has the capability to hold me till the end. I prefer debut writers because I learn a lot from them. There are some top publication houses in this country which can give your debut novel a dream start. Thus I pick up the books from those publishers mostly. Next book in my reading list is The Wedding Photographer. Penguin Books India (one of the top publishers in India) is launching another fresh and talented debut author Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Sakshama Puri Dhariwal was born in Delhi and brought up in the era of 1990s' Bollywood era. She has done an MBA in marketing from S.P. Jain, Mumbai and spent several years as a brand manager in industry-leading companies like Snapdeal, Hindustan Times and Tata Teleservices. Sakshama has worked on marketing campaigns that have won awards at Cannes, Effies and Goafest. She reads romance novels the way most people eat chocolate-fast, often and constantly craving more. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their netflix subscription. Sakshama is making a fantastic debut with wedding, love, photography, scandal and cricket.

The story revolves around two characters Risha Kohli and Arjun Khanna. Risha Kohli, a journalist lands next to handsome young real estate tycoon, Arjun Khanna on a seventeen-hour-long flight. Risha has been moonlighting as a wedding photographer and her next assignment is Arjun's sister's wedding: the most talked about social event of the year! Arjun doesn't trust journalists and suspects that this smart, sexy and incredibly spunky girl is only using their mutual attraction as a ploy to invade his privacy for a newspaper scoop. And Risha, unaware of Arjun's personal demons, is worried that this irresistible boy's unnerving behaviour will jeopardize her biggest professional gig so far. What follows is a rollercoaster of snarky quips, sizzling chemistry and simmering drama amidst a big fat punjabi wedding.
The plot of the story is very interesting and I feel it will hold me till the end.

Moreover writer has included cricket in this story so it will be a perfect summer read for me. It will be available in stores from May 1 but I have pre ordered it on amazon.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


IndiBlogger. One of the best blogging websites in India. It has taken blogging to the next level in this country. IndiBlogger is a forum which brings digital marketers of the country under one digital roof. IndiBlogger connect companies with bloggers. Companies are using blogging as a marketing tool for a long time now but they didn't had an access to these many bloggers earlier. Moreover India is going through digital revolution. Internet is a trending tool for infotainment (information + entertainment) these days. So if you want to launch a new product or start up a new business today, you need digital marketers to create a buzz about it on internet.

Normally celebrities appoint PR to promote themselves as a brand but here IndiBlogger is offering a PR to companies. It is called IndiPR. And this PR promotes business, products and services. Businesses of various sizes, including start ups, can now promote themselves via IndiPR. Actually, PR in IndiPR stands for Press Release. When any product or service is launched in the market, a press release is usually the first order of business. IndiPR is launched to make it extremely simple for business to get their Press Releases published by top bloggers. The press releases will be published by relevant influencers in less than 72 hours.

The process of IndiPR is very simple for business. Business only needs to upload their press release on Then 'Automated Influencer Targeting Engine' or 'AITE' will proceed to accept the applications from bloggers. After accepting the applications, AITE will automatically shorlist the bloggers on the basis of internal ratings and rakings. Then the shortlisted bloggers will do their research and publish their articles. And you can do this with a starting budget of just USD 150. Through top influential bloggers will create a buzz about your product, service or start up on the internet. Imagine, your product or service going viral on internet in this digital era. It will be a win win situation for your business.

Identifying and targeting influencers is a cumbersome process. You as a marketer spend lot of time in trying to identify and contact influencers. With, you don't have to worry about all this because the system just needs your press release. Everything else will be done by system on its own. As I said earlier it is a win win situation for your business. Not only business it is equally good for influencers. It will help influencers to generate fresh and new content everyday. In future will carry more than just press releases. Influencers will be able to get creative assignments, get invitations to attend the trendiest launch events etc. In short, IndiPR is a great platform for both Businesses as well as influencers. I (as a citizen of this digital world) think it will take digital marketing to the next level.