Monday, 5 September 2016

Pedagogues and Guides of my life 2.0

Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwarah
Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah

I used to repeat these verses daily in the premises of Sadhu Vaswani School. I started my academic life from that institute. For any child, basic education is very important. The future of a child depends on it. Basic education is like constructing the base of a tall building. Teachers in pre primary and primary construct that base. The base of my building (career) was constructed at Sadhu Vaswani School, Ahmedabad. I studied there till 10th standard i.e. 12 years. In pre primary and primary, different teachers taught me different subjects but I remember only one teacher. Mamta Kohli. As a child, you have that one teacher who defines the word teacher, who sets the standards for other teachers in your mind. For me that teacher is Mamta teacher. In pre primary and primary, she was like mother in school. She used to ignore all the mischiefs, all the mistakes and used to teach all the students with lot of love and dedication. She used to take care of all the students like her own children. On one hand, there were teachers who were strict, who used to punish me, who used to beat me and as a child you hate those teachers and forget them quickly. While on other hand, there was Mamta teacher who has such an impact on me that even today whenever I hear the word teacher, the first image comes in front of my eyes is of hers.

In secondary, there were different set of teachers teaching different subjects. It was that era when students started depending on tuition classes for good marks. In school, there was anjali teacher, pritam kaur teacher, pannu teacher and others who taught me different subjects till 10th standard. Then in 10th standard, I joined Kapoor tuition classes for maths and science. I joined tuition classes because numbers used to irritate me and my parents were afraid of me failing in maths. So they gave me in the hands of Kapoor Sir but couple of months before board exams Kapoor Sir put me in the batch of weak students. I still remember, I went to talk to him about that and his face was like 'Tumse na ho payega' but with the efforts of all the teachers I scored 66% marks. Then in higher secondary, two major changes came in my academic life. One the school was changed and other tuition teacher was changed. I decided spend last two years of my school life in Amrut School and in tuition, I joined Deep group tuitions. Both the changes worked pretty well for me.

I opted for commerce in 11th standard and Deepak Sir was pretty good in that stream. So I joined his classes and there was an instant growth in my marks. Numbers used to irritate me till 10th standard but he made it my strength immediately. I scored highest marks in accountancy in the first terminal exam of 11th standard. It helped me to make a strong impression in front of Amrut school teachers. Rasila ma'am, A.K. Sir and Dharmendra Sir at school started believing in me. Studies and mischiefs started going hand in hand. I used to disturb and frustrate teachers like Menos Sir, Patel Sir and Hindi teacher by my mischiefs and jokes in the class. Two years in Amrut School were the best two years of my academic life. I enjoyed a lot, I grew in confidence, it made me stronger and it made me ready for the world. Then I took admission in C.C. Sheth College of Commerce, Ahmedabad for my bachelors' degree. I scored 68% in 12th board and according to merit, I got admission in that college. It wasn't the best college in Ahmedabad but it was the best college on the basis of my marks. The professors of communication and english were really good. They sown the seeds of writing in me. On the other hand, the bond with Deepak Sir became stronger as I continued to take tuitions from him during B. Com as well.

I attended the college regularly for one and a half years. Then I started taking help of proxies as I opted for CAT for the further studies. I joined endeavor careers for the coaching of CAT and from that point of time, my transformation began. At endeavor, I was blessed with the career shapers like P.C Sir, Hitesh Sir and Dwijendra Sir. They improved my vocabulary, grammar and made me good with numbers. P.C Sir improved my english and was definition of workaholic to me. While Hitesh Sir and Dwijendra Sir were the masters with numbers. Their knowledge, excellence and dedication improved my relationship with numbers. They didn't only improved my skills but they also taught me the work ethics. There were other teachers as well at endeavor careers but I don't remember their names. They also taught me well. At endeavor, I was taught how to remember the things with mnemonics, tricks of fractions, squares, multiplication etc. It was a complete transformation of me and it was required for CAT. I didn't score well in CAT. I didn't get admission in any of the reputed colleges. My scores were not even close to the cut offs of those institutes. So I decided to go for GCET. Before GCET, P.C Sir guided me. He informed me about good institutes under it and gave me the tricks and books to crack it.

I scored well in it and according to the merit of my scores, I took admission in LDRP-ITR to get my masters degree. In LDRP-ITR, the professors were good. Hemali ma'am, Anand Sir, S.K Sir, Pooja ma'am, Sejal Ma'am and Vinit Sir taught well in the foundation year. In second year, I opted for marketing. The faculties were the same in the second year as well and they did a superb job. They taught me the skills like how to communicate, how to conduct the research, how to get the target audience, how to pitch your product or service, how to cut the costs, how to analyse the results etc. I got theoretical as well as practical knowledge in that institute. I completed my MBA in marketing and started my career as a marketing executive in There, I met Hiren Shroff. Sales and marketing manager of Gujarat region. He was a perfect guide to me in my first job. His guidance and support helped me to survive during my struggle in first couple of months. I worked there for 10 months and he always stood by me during that period.

Today, I am a writer, designer, accountant, marketer and an analyst. I do freelance writing for various companies through various blogging websites. I am a co-author of the book Six Degrees - Game of blogs. I design lifestyle products on the websites like PosterGully, Cupick & Freecultr. I do online marketing on twitter and facebook. Lastly, I am an accountant and an analyst in New India Assurance. I have neither used any reference, connection nor have I paid any bribe, donation to reach where I am today. All these skills in me have been developed by these teachers and guides. Without them, I don't know where I would have been today. I bow down to all of my teachers and guides and would like to thank them for making me able to stand on my own feet. They have had much more brilliant and successful students than me and they have touched certain heights of success but whatever I am today, wherever I am today, it is all because of them.

A message to my teachers and guides:

Reapected Sirs and Ma'ams,

Thank you for making me what I am today. I am blessed to have you in my life. All of my skills has been developed under your guidance and teaching. I have always been an average student but without you, I might not have done anything on my own. Thank you making me able enough to do everything on my own. I am sorry for all the time, I disappointed you with my results. I am sorry for my mischiefs. I am sorry for not respecting you at times. I bow down to you for giving me your valuable time and teaching me the most important lessons  of my life.

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