Friday, 12 December 2014

Swachh Banega India

These days everything begins at home. Earlier people used to say that charity begins at home, but these days is everything begins at home. Every human being learns from his/her elders. So if elders do charity, then a person will learn to do charity and if elders do bribing and cheating, then a person will learn that. Similarly sanitation and hygiene also begin at home. Sanitation and hygiene, according to me is a habit which one built over the years. I remember my father put the habit of washing hands before eating in me. My father used to scold me in the beginning if I don't wash my hands before eating the food. I was too small and at that time I didn't really understand why is he forcing me to do that. As I grew up, then I understood that my hands encounter a lot of dirt daily and if I eat with such dirty hands, I will fall ill or I will catch some infectious disease. I just realized the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

One more instance taught me the importance of hygiene in my life. Most unhygienic things to eat in this world is pani puri. Pani puri vendors put their hand in that flavored water and only they know from which and how many places that hand has come from which is going straight in that flavored water. Once a pani puri vendor in our area got cut on his hand while cutting onions and he was making pani puris with the same hand. He had tied a cloth on that cut as it was bleeding, but that piece of cloth got wet by going in flavored water again and again and it came off. So he was making those pani puris with that bleeding hand. That pani puri vendor was HIV positive and due to his blood went in that water two girls got infected with it as well. See how some unhygienic food was enough to take away the lives of two girls. This instance taught me the importance of sanitation and hygiene in my life more than anything else. Sanitation and hygiene keep me healthy and fit. It keeps me away from the infectious diseases which helps me to concentrate completely on my work and day to day activities.

I am lucky that I have got proper sanitation facilities, but there are a lot of people in India who do not get that. It has been over 6 decades since we have got independence, but even today, almost 597 million people are defecating in open due to the lack of sanitation facilities. There are lots of villages in India, which do not have even a single toilet. So people defecate in open without worrying about how unhygienic it is and it causes them some serious diseases. People can't afford to have toilets in their houses, but they should come together to have at least one common toilet in the village. It's not only defecating in open, but factories and people dispose waste water in open grounds where children play, which can also cause some serious health issues to them. People here are illiterate, they don't know what sort of diseases they will catch if they don't dispose wastage properly or if they defecate in open. People are not aware of the consequences of these things. It is very important to make people aware about the importance of sanitation and diseases caused by not taking care of it.

India is one of the youngest nations in the world. It has the potential of becoming youngest super power of the world with the amount of talent and skill our youth possess. Unfortunately, our youth is living in a unhygienic atmosphere at the moment which will decrease their efficiency, concentration, etc. In short our future is in a danger due to lack of sanitation facilities. NDTV and Dettol have started cleanathon to make India clean and hygienic. On 1st October swachh express took off with the objective of creating awareness about sanitation and hygiene through videos, flyers, posters, street plays and hand washing sessions. This swachh express bus will cover 400 villages across 8 states. It's a great initiative by NDTV and Dettol. Let's join hands with them and together take a step forward towards clean and hygienic India. I think we have talked enough about it, now it's time to act. So those who want to act and want to be part of this initiative log on to

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Pre-Marital Sex.

Pre-Marital Sex is a top trend in this nation at the moment. The reason I used the words this nation because it is a normal thing in a foreign land as their culture is like that only. Indian culture is very different from them. If premarital sex is normal there, then their men also have children from two to three wives which is not acceptable in our culture. Indian culture is very rich, but I don't know why Indian youth is behind adopting that foreign culture. If it goes on like this then our culture will get vanished within 20 years.

By this time you would have understood that I am against premarital sex. It is a big big no from my side to premarital sex. The reason is simple that ultimately you are cheating a person with whom you are getting married by doing premarital sex with someone else. Everyone has physical needs, but you should have control of it. Ultimately, that physical need will be satisfied once you get married. You just need to hold on till that time.
It is fine to have sex before marriage with the person you love, but what if something doesn't work out and you don't get married to that person. You will be cheating the next person coming into your life by hiding it out or by telling a lie. What if that person comes to know about it from an outsider that you had sex with someone else before marriage. He/she will feel cheated. Even if you tell the truth to next person in your life then to that person is going to feel cheated. No matter if he/she accepts you later on with it. So it is better to hold on till marriage, even if you love someone. If your love is true and not lustful then you guys can definitely hold on till marriage.

Premarital sex these days has become fun. Boys and girls think it's just part of fun, but it is totally wrong according to me on humanitarian grounds. Just imagine the person who really loves finds you doing sex with someone just for the sake of fun. You can have fun, but when did sex became the part of that fun. It could be fun in a foreign land, but not here. According to me it is an immoral act and stop doing it just because everybody is doing it and it is a cool thing to do. It is not a cool thing to do I you are doing it because everybody does it. Persons' feelings are attached to it and you are just playing with it.

I urge to boys that stop playing with girls' feelings by doing sex with them just for the sake of fun. Boys, understand a simple thing that you can get away easily with this thing, but a girl's life is destroyed just for the reason that you wanted to have fun. She can never tell this to anyone and if she says it or gets caught, then questions over her character are raised. So boys please stop using girls to satisfy your physical needs at least those girls who are serious about you and want to marry you. It is surprising that these days girls also do premarital sex just for fun. Girls are superior to boys in every aspect. Girls are emotionally stronger than boys, girls don't take that much time to move on, girls have fatal attraction which they can use it anytime to do anything. These things make premarital sex real fun for girls. Girls, you also stop playing with the feelings of those boys who are serious about you and want to marry you. They're very few boys remaining who stand by their words. So stop using them to satisfy your physical needs.

Above all premarital sex describes the character of the person. So there is no need to get too desperate to have sex before marriage. I am saying it again that if your love is true then you can definitely wait till the marriage to have sex. According to me premarital sex is an immoral act. Even the court of law in India has declared premarital sex 'immoral' and I stand by that.

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