Monday, 5 September 2016

Pedagogues and Guides of my life 2.0

Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu
Gurur Devo Maheshwarah
Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah

I used to repeat these verses daily in the premises of Sadhu Vaswani School. I started my academic life from that institute. For any child, basic education is very important. The future of a child depends on it. Basic education is like constructing the base of a tall building. Teachers in pre primary and primary construct that base. The base of my building (career) was constructed at Sadhu Vaswani School, Ahmedabad. I studied there till 10th standard i.e. 12 years. In pre primary and primary, different teachers taught me different subjects but I remember only one teacher. Mamta Kohli. As a child, you have that one teacher who defines the word teacher, who sets the standards for other teachers in your mind. For me that teacher is Mamta teacher. In pre primary and primary, she was like mother in school. She used to ignore all the mischiefs, all the mistakes and used to teach all the students with lot of love and dedication. She used to take care of all the students like her own children. On one hand, there were teachers who were strict, who used to punish me, who used to beat me and as a child you hate those teachers and forget them quickly. While on other hand, there was Mamta teacher who has such an impact on me that even today whenever I hear the word teacher, the first image comes in front of my eyes is of hers.

In secondary, there were different set of teachers teaching different subjects. It was that era when students started depending on tuition classes for good marks. In school, there was anjali teacher, pritam kaur teacher, pannu teacher and others who taught me different subjects till 10th standard. Then in 10th standard, I joined Kapoor tuition classes for maths and science. I joined tuition classes because numbers used to irritate me and my parents were afraid of me failing in maths. So they gave me in the hands of Kapoor Sir but couple of months before board exams Kapoor Sir put me in the batch of weak students. I still remember, I went to talk to him about that and his face was like 'Tumse na ho payega' but with the efforts of all the teachers I scored 66% marks. Then in higher secondary, two major changes came in my academic life. One the school was changed and other tuition teacher was changed. I decided spend last two years of my school life in Amrut School and in tuition, I joined Deep group tuitions. Both the changes worked pretty well for me.

I opted for commerce in 11th standard and Deepak Sir was pretty good in that stream. So I joined his classes and there was an instant growth in my marks. Numbers used to irritate me till 10th standard but he made it my strength immediately. I scored highest marks in accountancy in the first terminal exam of 11th standard. It helped me to make a strong impression in front of Amrut school teachers. Rasila ma'am, A.K. Sir and Dharmendra Sir at school started believing in me. Studies and mischiefs started going hand in hand. I used to disturb and frustrate teachers like Menos Sir, Patel Sir and Hindi teacher by my mischiefs and jokes in the class. Two years in Amrut School were the best two years of my academic life. I enjoyed a lot, I grew in confidence, it made me stronger and it made me ready for the world. Then I took admission in C.C. Sheth College of Commerce, Ahmedabad for my bachelors' degree. I scored 68% in 12th board and according to merit, I got admission in that college. It wasn't the best college in Ahmedabad but it was the best college on the basis of my marks. The professors of communication and english were really good. They sown the seeds of writing in me. On the other hand, the bond with Deepak Sir became stronger as I continued to take tuitions from him during B. Com as well.

I attended the college regularly for one and a half years. Then I started taking help of proxies as I opted for CAT for the further studies. I joined endeavor careers for the coaching of CAT and from that point of time, my transformation began. At endeavor, I was blessed with the career shapers like P.C Sir, Hitesh Sir and Dwijendra Sir. They improved my vocabulary, grammar and made me good with numbers. P.C Sir improved my english and was definition of workaholic to me. While Hitesh Sir and Dwijendra Sir were the masters with numbers. Their knowledge, excellence and dedication improved my relationship with numbers. They didn't only improved my skills but they also taught me the work ethics. There were other teachers as well at endeavor careers but I don't remember their names. They also taught me well. At endeavor, I was taught how to remember the things with mnemonics, tricks of fractions, squares, multiplication etc. It was a complete transformation of me and it was required for CAT. I didn't score well in CAT. I didn't get admission in any of the reputed colleges. My scores were not even close to the cut offs of those institutes. So I decided to go for GCET. Before GCET, P.C Sir guided me. He informed me about good institutes under it and gave me the tricks and books to crack it.

I scored well in it and according to the merit of my scores, I took admission in LDRP-ITR to get my masters degree. In LDRP-ITR, the professors were good. Hemali ma'am, Anand Sir, S.K Sir, Pooja ma'am, Sejal Ma'am and Vinit Sir taught well in the foundation year. In second year, I opted for marketing. The faculties were the same in the second year as well and they did a superb job. They taught me the skills like how to communicate, how to conduct the research, how to get the target audience, how to pitch your product or service, how to cut the costs, how to analyse the results etc. I got theoretical as well as practical knowledge in that institute. I completed my MBA in marketing and started my career as a marketing executive in There, I met Hiren Shroff. Sales and marketing manager of Gujarat region. He was a perfect guide to me in my first job. His guidance and support helped me to survive during my struggle in first couple of months. I worked there for 10 months and he always stood by me during that period.

Today, I am a writer, designer, accountant, marketer and an analyst. I do freelance writing for various companies through various blogging websites. I am a co-author of the book Six Degrees - Game of blogs. I design lifestyle products on the websites like PosterGully, Cupick & Freecultr. I do online marketing on twitter and facebook. Lastly, I am an accountant and an analyst in New India Assurance. I have neither used any reference, connection nor have I paid any bribe, donation to reach where I am today. All these skills in me have been developed by these teachers and guides. Without them, I don't know where I would have been today. I bow down to all of my teachers and guides and would like to thank them for making me able to stand on my own feet. They have had much more brilliant and successful students than me and they have touched certain heights of success but whatever I am today, wherever I am today, it is all because of them.

A message to my teachers and guides:

Reapected Sirs and Ma'ams,

Thank you for making me what I am today. I am blessed to have you in my life. All of my skills has been developed under your guidance and teaching. I have always been an average student but without you, I might not have done anything on my own. Thank you making me able enough to do everything on my own. I am sorry for all the time, I disappointed you with my results. I am sorry for my mischiefs. I am sorry for not respecting you at times. I bow down to you for giving me your valuable time and teaching me the most important lessons  of my life.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I have taken a step forward in blogging. I am blogging since 2011. First, I started with single blog then slowly I made three blogs of different genres. Personal, Cricket (sports) and Marketing. I have added fourth blog in my portfolio now Yes, it is my own website. Now, no blogspot or wordpress or any other website's name in web address of my blog. There is only my name in it. In other words I am a dot com now. I bought my domain and word press web hosting from Big Rock. I decided to go for my own website because in freelancing I was loosing assignments. Companies were not allowing me to write for them because I didn't had my own website. Apart from that, I was looking for a platform to start new blog series.

First thing in the process of making website was to choose the name. I have decided to go for .com rather than .net or .in but a name before that was difficult to decide. pareshgodhwani would have been too long while only paresh would have been too general. I thought of par god first but then there would have been no connection between website and my previous blogs. The reflection of my name was important in website's name. I even thought of paresh wani but it sounds awkward. Paresh's wani sounds perfect. In the end, I came up with a simpler name pareshg. It is short, it has the reflection of my name, it connects with my other blogs and it sounds respectable as well.

Second thing after name was a theme. Word press provided me thousands of themes. I wanted a theme which looks good and give all the information about me including my social media accounts. And luckily I got that theme. I gave the name to the blog PG which is same as of my oldest and first blog. Then I added par god in my tag line which is directly linked to my twitter account. On the top of the page there are links to all of my social media accounts. Then there is a header which includes my blog name and tag line. I got the header image from BlogAdda. It depicts everything which you will find on my table except pepsi. Most importantly it has Six Degrees in it.

After the header, there are my posts. I have made 20 drafts to give you overall idea about the blog. Actually I have completed and published one post out of those 20. This blog is going to be a mixture of my three older blogs (PG, Cricket-ology & Short Stories). I will mix all three genres in it and will try to make it infotainment for you. I know I didn't mention about the link to my blogger blogs. In this blog, the link to my blogger blogs is invisible. It is somewhere around the links to my social media accounts. If you read and follow my blogs regularly then only you will be able to find it. You can comment on this post if you find that link.

Lastly, widgets in this blog is in the sidebar where you will find the one page called blogging badges. Where you will find my badges I have got while blogging. This website is for one year as of now. I will evaluate it at the end of the year and then decide whether I want to go on with it or not. It is an added responsibility for me. I have to maintain four blogs now. I will make sure that none of them is left behind. Hopefully this blog will perform and will give me good ROI. I would like to make it my permanent website in future. Let's see how it performs. Fingers crossed.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Maa and her workload

There is only one person in this world who will care for you like an idiot and that person is your mother. Your mother will always love you irrelevant of situation and condition you are in. You may take her for granted but she will work for you all her life and will make sure that you get everything on time. She will forget her pain to make sure that you get everything ready when you are leaving for work. She will give up her needs and dreams to fulfill yours. Do you even imagine how much work your mother do? Or do you think only you have the workload?

My mother is a house wife and I also used to think that her workload is not that much. She has to do the work sitting at home all day but I realised how tough her work is in 2013. In 2013, my mother went to her sister's house to attend the family function. I was having final exams of MBA so I didn't go with her. Before leaving, she did everything  so that I can go through my exams smoothly. My mother went to aunt's place (her sister's place) for three days. She had washed and ironed the clothes which I was going to wear in those three days. Thanks to her work, couple of my exams went smoothly. The real issue was on the third day. On third day, I had a viva and presentation. So I had to be in formals for that and all the formal clothes were in the wash tub.

The task ahead of me was to wash them. It was the time when I realised how much work my mother do in the house. When she was around, I used to throw clothes where I wanted to. She used pick up those clothes, put them in the machine, wash them and iron them with all the love. I realised her task was not only limited to clothes. Cleaning of the house, food, daily household shopping etc. I realised it is not like 9 to 5 job, her job starts from them moment she gets up in the morning till the moment she go back to sleep at night. In that realisation mode, I was moving in the house and was taking a note that what condition I have done of this house.

I called my mother and told her the situation I am in. She scolded me for wearing the formals when it was not needed. She said, "When will you learn to manage your things." Imagine, a management student was scolded by her mother for mismanagement. Then I asked her how to wash the clothes. She instructed me to fill the half of wash tub with water then put some Ariel in it. Ariel was not around the machine. So she asked to bring out the new packet of it from store room. I picked the new pack of Ariel and put some of it in the water. Then she told me to put my clothes in the wash tub and I did that. After that, I set the timer of 5 minutes and went to prepare for my viva. When the washed clothes came out of the machine there was some different feel in them. All the dirt has gone off them. They were looking fresh and new. I think it was the magic of Ariel.

Maa has always trusted Ariel when it comes to cleaning of clothes and Ariel has stood by it. Ariel simply do magic with the clothes. That day, my mother instructed me about while I washing clothes for the first time but these days Ariel matic comes with those instruction. Moreover it gives brilliant cleaning in just one wash. What else you want from a detergent! I learnt a big lesson that day. After that day, I make sure that I always put my dirty clothes in the wash tub  washing machine. I fill up the water in the wash tub and put Ariel in it whenever I am at home. Seeing me doing this, my brother has also stopped throwing his clothes here and there. Laundry is such a thing in which everyone can be a master. It is not like only mothers can do it well. So I share Maa's load when it comes to laundry and Ariel helps me to do it in an effective manner. As a result, you can see the smile on Maa's face in fresh clothes washed by Ariel.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

25 years of my life

25 years. Probably more than half of my life is over. Honestly, I don't even want to live a long life in this mean world. If I evaluate my life then I was an average student in my academic life but I ended up being an MBA. As far as my professional life is concerned then I have ten months of experience in automobile industry, nine months of experience in denim industry and since last one and a half year I am working as an accountant in New India Assurance. I am a freelance writer since last one and a half year. In that one and a half year, I have written a book called 6° with 20 odd bloggers & I have been part of India's first coffee table book for bloggers. I am a freelance designer since last eight months and trying to be a social media influencer.

I am good at one more thing apart from these and that thing is cricket. Actually cricket is above everything for me. If you will wake me up from my death bed and ask me to play cricket, I will be ready for it. This was about my professional life. Now let me talk about me as a person. As a person, I am sensitive, strong headed guy. It is a dangerous combination. It makes me blunt and straight forward. So I am on everyone's face. I am very possessive for the people whom I love. Not only that, I am very honest and loyal to them as well. I don't give up on anything easily. I am simple at most of the things. Small things in life matter a lot for me. I believe that life is lived in moments. Though we run behind the materialistic things in life but life is actually lived in moments. All the materialistic things are going to be here only. Only thing we are going to take with us are the moments we lived. The moments we cherished. Signing the first copy of my book was the biggest moment in my life.

Long walk at night with my father, long drive with my mother, calming my brother's nerves in his crucial matches, whacking the ball over the fielder's head, uprooting the middle stump of the batsman, writing 4 blog posts in a day, hang outs with friends are the moments I will always cherish. There will be more such moments in my life and hopefully bigger ones. We show off materialistic things when we meet friends after a long time but the fact is that they were with us when we were nothing. So we should relive and laugh on old memories instead of showing off the materialism. Biggest thing one can donate in this world is smile. And that smile can come through even smallest of the things. I try to donate smiles with whatever I have because life is not fair to everyone and I am blessed that I am leading such a good life.

I am blessed with the best parents in the whole world but they deserve a better son than me. As at times, I take them for granted. Life hasn't been a fairy tale for me. I have been ignored, humiliated, discarded and isolated by my own people. People whom I gave the most importance, whom I considered my family played with my feelings and cheated me. They shown me their true colours when I needed them the most. I have no regrets that I gave them the importance, considered them as family & best friends & valued them. I simply gave them everything I had, it was their decision to ignore me, humiliate me and discard me. And for that there is one rule in life, you reap what you sow. So they will get it back in some or the other way. There will be very few people in this world apart from your parents who will care for you like an idiot. Never let them go. Always make them feel good. Value them and give them the importance they deserve.

I know I know, I should be doing satsang somewhere but I don't want to force people to live my way because they will live my way only in front of me or only to show me. While they will be totally different nature wise. So I will be forcing them to be two faced. Satsang is already making people two faced and I don't want to fall that much for the sake of money. As I am getting older, I am loosing that version of me who finds fun even in the worst situation of life. Anyways, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has part of my life in last 25 years. Each one of you have taught me some or the other thing.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

#IPL Collection

I got a good response on my #WT20 collection and that response encouraged me to come up with #IPL collection. I ran a poll on twitter asking people whether I should make #IPL collection or not? And I got this result.

I know IPL has begun and I am late in launching it. Actually I am not late in launching it. I planned to launch in the middle of the season and there is a reason for that. It was an emotional end to #Wt20. West Indies won it. They entertained us, brought smile on our faces with their moves but the way they were treated by their cricket board, it made us emotional. IPL started within few days after #wt20 and people were still in the hangover of #wt20. People were less interested in IPL. Now the tournament is approaching its business end. So I think this is the best time to launch IPL collection.

*removing the curtains*

IPL Collection

*curtains on the floor*

I have designed only one tee on freecultr. It is a general tee showing the cricket ground. The background of that tee is like lush green outfield of the ground. Thinking behind this tee was that we often go to watch live matches in stadiums and other local grounds but we don't find the right clothes for that purpose. I mean if we are going for international matches then we get the tees of the team whon we are supporting but what if we are going for domestic tournaments or local tournaments? We don't get the tees of those teams. So here is the tee satisfy the purpose of watching any type of cricket match.

On PosterGully, I picked up a squad of players whom I wanted to see on my products. Squad consists of Indian players mostly. There are some foreign players as well. Here I am going to disclose only foreign players as captains do in their first IPL match of the season. So the foreign players in my IPL collection are Warner, AB DeVilliers, Williamson, Miller, Malinga & Morgan. I wanted to design the collection in this way during #Wt20 only but things didn't work out at that time.

This collection is bigger than previous one. There is more variery in this collection. I have put many more players in this collection and mostly Indian. So you will get your favorite player easily. And considering the variety of products on postergully, you can decorate your house with this collection. This is not a boys centric collection. I know girls also love cricket so there are equal no. of products for girls in this collection. In the beginning of the paragraph, I only used bigger and not bigger and better. I want you to decide whether this collection is better than #Wt20 collection or not.

Best products of #Wt20 Collection

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Wedding Photographer

I am a blogger and blogging has given me the tag of writer. With the help of blogging, I became the co author of six degrees - game of blogs. I have written that book with twenty three other bloggers. As the title suggests, it was a game of blogs in which bloggers of India were divided into thirty teams. We were given the characters. We had to web a story around them. It was played in three rounds. Every round lasted for one month. Every month ten blog posts were submitted by each team. After the third round my team (By Lines) won as we wrote the best story. I became an author as top three stories were published in a book called six degrees.

Now, I want to go to the next level. I want to write a book on my own. I know it is very different and difficult from writing a blog. To write well, you have to read a lot. So I read a lot. I am not an avid reader. So I complete only those stories which has the capability to hold me till the end. I prefer debut writers because I learn a lot from them. There are some top publication houses in this country which can give your debut novel a dream start. Thus I pick up the books from those publishers mostly. Next book in my reading list is The Wedding Photographer. Penguin Books India (one of the top publishers in India) is launching another fresh and talented debut author Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

Sakshama Puri Dhariwal was born in Delhi and brought up in the era of 1990s' Bollywood era. She has done an MBA in marketing from S.P. Jain, Mumbai and spent several years as a brand manager in industry-leading companies like Snapdeal, Hindustan Times and Tata Teleservices. Sakshama has worked on marketing campaigns that have won awards at Cannes, Effies and Goafest. She reads romance novels the way most people eat chocolate-fast, often and constantly craving more. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their netflix subscription. Sakshama is making a fantastic debut with wedding, love, photography, scandal and cricket.

The story revolves around two characters Risha Kohli and Arjun Khanna. Risha Kohli, a journalist lands next to handsome young real estate tycoon, Arjun Khanna on a seventeen-hour-long flight. Risha has been moonlighting as a wedding photographer and her next assignment is Arjun's sister's wedding: the most talked about social event of the year! Arjun doesn't trust journalists and suspects that this smart, sexy and incredibly spunky girl is only using their mutual attraction as a ploy to invade his privacy for a newspaper scoop. And Risha, unaware of Arjun's personal demons, is worried that this irresistible boy's unnerving behaviour will jeopardize her biggest professional gig so far. What follows is a rollercoaster of snarky quips, sizzling chemistry and simmering drama amidst a big fat punjabi wedding.
The plot of the story is very interesting and I feel it will hold me till the end.

Moreover writer has included cricket in this story so it will be a perfect summer read for me. It will be available in stores from May 1 but I have pre ordered it on amazon.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


IndiBlogger. One of the best blogging websites in India. It has taken blogging to the next level in this country. IndiBlogger is a forum which brings digital marketers of the country under one digital roof. IndiBlogger connect companies with bloggers. Companies are using blogging as a marketing tool for a long time now but they didn't had an access to these many bloggers earlier. Moreover India is going through digital revolution. Internet is a trending tool for infotainment (information + entertainment) these days. So if you want to launch a new product or start up a new business today, you need digital marketers to create a buzz about it on internet.

Normally celebrities appoint PR to promote themselves as a brand but here IndiBlogger is offering a PR to companies. It is called IndiPR. And this PR promotes business, products and services. Businesses of various sizes, including start ups, can now promote themselves via IndiPR. Actually, PR in IndiPR stands for Press Release. When any product or service is launched in the market, a press release is usually the first order of business. IndiPR is launched to make it extremely simple for business to get their Press Releases published by top bloggers. The press releases will be published by relevant influencers in less than 72 hours.

The process of IndiPR is very simple for business. Business only needs to upload their press release on Then 'Automated Influencer Targeting Engine' or 'AITE' will proceed to accept the applications from bloggers. After accepting the applications, AITE will automatically shorlist the bloggers on the basis of internal ratings and rakings. Then the shortlisted bloggers will do their research and publish their articles. And you can do this with a starting budget of just USD 150. Through top influential bloggers will create a buzz about your product, service or start up on the internet. Imagine, your product or service going viral on internet in this digital era. It will be a win win situation for your business.

Identifying and targeting influencers is a cumbersome process. You as a marketer spend lot of time in trying to identify and contact influencers. With, you don't have to worry about all this because the system just needs your press release. Everything else will be done by system on its own. As I said earlier it is a win win situation for your business. Not only business it is equally good for influencers. It will help influencers to generate fresh and new content everyday. In future will carry more than just press releases. Influencers will be able to get creative assignments, get invitations to attend the trendiest launch events etc. In short, IndiPR is a great platform for both Businesses as well as influencers. I (as a citizen of this digital world) think it will take digital marketing to the next level.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

#WT20 collection

First quarter of my online business has ended. If I evaluate it, then It has been a pretty slow start to my business. I am designing and selling products on the websites like freecultr & postergully. And these websites (Freecultr & PosterGully) are already competing with the shopping websites like flipkart, snapdeal, myntra, jabong & amazon. Moreover freecultr and postergully are brands and as brands, they are competing with the brands like Puma, Nike, adidas, UCB, Reebok, USPA etc. This is the competition on bigger level. If I talk about internal competition, then there are more than 13000 designers on freecultr and some 4000 designers on postergully. Considering the competition and my qualification in designing and art, I should be grateful that atleast I have got a start but there are lot of fellow designers whose qualification in art and design is similar to me. Most of them are performing much better than me. If they can do it then why can't I?

I am a Marketing gradute and considering my earnings of first quarter, I must say that I have failed as a marketer and I accept this brutal defeat gracefully. I begin my second quarter this month and hopefully I will grow my business in this quarter. Along with the second quarter, the season of cricket has also begun. So this month, I have designed the products keeping #WT20 in mind. Big brands and designers come out with winter collection or summer collection but here I present The #WT20 collection.

I have put five designs on freecultr this month and only one of them is on cricket. Three out of five designs are in blue shade because two of them are the older ones. I have made changes in them. Remember the two tictactoe tees in my collection? I have made changes in them. Earlier X and Os were spreaded on 75% of the tee but now they are spreaded all over the tee. Third tee in blue is an illustration which shows that a spaceship has just landed on the planet. Apart from them there is one pink tee on which I have applied texture. From the first time I have played with texture. I hope it has come out well. Fifth one is designed keeping t20 cricket in mind. T20 cricket is all about aggression and the aggression ends with agony. Thus fifth tee is expressing agony in grey shade. Now the important notice. You can buy these designer tees for children as well. Earlier tees on freecultr were only for men & women but now they have started producing same for children ageing 5 to 14.

On postergully, I have played with #WT20's logo, have made my own logo and have picked some players who are going to make an impact in #WT20. I have designed many products around these three things. Actually it is the variety of products which completes my #WT20 collection.

In clothing there are Men's tees Women's tees and unisex tank tops. You would have seen lot of tees with variety of players on it but I bet you these tops are different. This collection is more vibrant amd colourful. I have made two variants of most of the designs in this collection and it just adds few more colours to the collection. You want to know which players I have chosen? Well, see them in the pic below.

In tech stuff, there are mobile cases, mousepads & laptop skins. In this there are no two variants or something but they will make your gadget look awesome. And it is not like that it is made only for #WT20. Most of them is designed in such a way that it will look good on your gadget even after #WT20.

In this there are posters, premium glass frames, wall clocks, cushion covers, coffee mugs, accessory boxes, coasters, notebooks etc. and these products completes my collection. If you are a cricketmaniac then you can decor your whole house or your room from this collection.

I am working on this collection since february. I had lot of ideas but either they were not clicking or they were not coming out the way I wanted. As it is a collection made on the theme of cricket, I needed players names, logos, flags, sketches etc but there were lot of copyright issues around them. Thus it was the most challenging collection for me as a designer. I was about to launch it in the first week of March but I was not satisfied with it. So I worked on it for few more days and finally it came out the way I wanted. It is not that this collection is only made for #WT20. I have named it #WT20 collection only because I am launching it at the time of #WT20. Most of the designs in this collection will look classy always. Whether it is mugs, t-shirts, laptop skins or anything. You can freely express your adulation for the players or the game with this collection. So explore it and start flaunting your love for the game.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Fantastico Journey

I signed up on twitter in 2010. I made my account on twitter only because of Yuvraj Singh. I adulate Yuvraj and in 2010, I watched on one of the news channels that Yuvraj tweeted so and so thing. I remember, I had Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone at that time and I signed up on twitter from that phone. At that time twitter was new in the market and most of celebrities had an account on it. It was an alien land for me. It was very different from facebook. Facebook was in trend at that time. Every social media platform was compared with facebook during that period. I had an account on facebook and I was pretty much active on it.

Twitter was going over my head in the beginning. What is tweet, re-tweet, favourite?  I had no idea. First thing I understood about twitter was following and followers. And Yuvraj Singh was the first person whom I followed on twitter. I started spending more time on it as it was an interesting concept. After following and followers, the next thing I learnt on twitter was how to reply. Along with Yuvraj, I am a huge fan of Gaurav Kapur as well and he is also on twitter. In 2010, Fifa world cup was about to begin and the football in that world cup was designed by a sindhi guy. Gaurav Kapur gave a complement to that sindhi guy in sindhi on twitter. Gaurav Kapur's sindhi was not correct in that tweet. I corrected him by replying to that tweet. In this way I learnt to reply on twitter. That tweet was re-tweeted by Gaurav Kapur but at that time I was searching the mean of re-tweet in dictionary.

I was comparing twitter with facebook but soon I realised that it is very different from it. Slowly, I got the idea about tweet, re-tweet and favourite. Once I understood the concept of it, I started spending most of the time on it. I forgot sharing on facebook and started tweeting everything. It was difficult to adjust to 140 characters thing but I got used to it as well. It was a beginning of a great journey then. I started expressing myself on twitter. I started sharing everything on twitter. I was expressing myself on twitter freely because I was not judged by anyone on that platform. People on it were completely new to me.bI was like a free bird on it. Slowly, I learnt to use hashtags and I started using them.

Over the period of time twitter has grown a lot and along with twitter, I have grown as well. I have won contests on it. My tweets were on air during the live matches. It has provided the much needed expousre to me. I have posted more than 14,400 tweets so far. I am soon going to complete six years on twitter. Through out this journey, I have expressed myself freely. I haven't made too many followers in these six years (only 276 followers) but I have enjoyed every moment on twitter. Now, I am emotionally attached to twitter as I express all of my emotions on it. I am not worried about the number of followers as I am enjoying being on twitter. It has been fantastic journey so far and hopefully it is going to be fantastico ahead.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Fantastico Collection

There is a pattern in which I work on my collection. Like to present the designs of February, I work on my collection in January. To make my collection awesome, every month I am working on some product or theme. In december, I concentrated on hoodies. In January, I worked on wall decor products basically wall arts & wall clocks. While making wall arts and wall clocks, I got the designs for byproducts like coasters, accessory boxes, laptop skins etc. Apart from that I have worked on some tees as well on freecultr. While designing the products I think like a normal middle class guy and keep his buying preferences in mind. Now let me talk about the designs which I have made for February.

On freecultr, I have made three designs for February. All three of them are pretty different from each other. I haven't worked on any theme or type this month. First one is in dark blue shade and it is featuring an alien. In that tee, an alien is coming out of the spaceship thinking there would be cameras. It is a sarcastic tee. There is a message in it which is presented in a fun manner. Second one is simple dotted tee. There are dotted shirts in the market and people love to wear it. So I thought I should try the dots on a tee. After checks this is the second thing I have tried on a tee which people normally find in shirts only.

Third one is in green shade with 'back to school' written on it. We all miss our school days and we crave to go back to school. So third tee is designed to express that how badly you miss your school days. Freecultr is all about expressing yourself. So wear what you want to express with freecultr.

As I mentioned above on postergully, I concentrated on wall arts and wall clocks mainly. In January, I was able to create and upload 21 different wall arts & 17 wall clocks. Most of them were made with words. There are phrases, motivational qoutes & messages to choose from. Among these wall arts, there are few wall arts specially made for valentines this month.

There are few abstracts as well which I found on internet. I didn't change anything in them but just made wall arts & clocks out of them. All the abstracts are those which we love to keep as wallpapers on our gadgets. I thought If they can look good on the walls of our desktops, laptops and tablets then they will definitely look good on the walls of our home. While making these wall arts I got few byproducts. I mean to say that I made products like laptops skins, accessory boxes, serving trays, coasters etc from the same designs which I made for frames and wall clocks. I think now my collection looks pretty good and it has some fantastic designs.

Best Selling products of the collection

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

**Images used in this blogpost are taken from collection on PosterGully and my tee store on freecultr.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Impact Of The Journey (God's best gift to me)

On 28th January 1990, two individuals tied themselves in a relationship called marriage. It was an arranged marriage. It was a beginning of a new journey for them. At that time there was no Facebook so there was no announcement on it. That Guy and girl neither changed their relationship status nor they uploaded the pics of their honeymoon trip. It was a quiet start to their relationship. The guy was a banker and he lived in a small house in the colony near airport with his mother and a younger brother. While the girl was from a big family of four brothers and a sister.

The guy had lost his father at very young age so he was very mature and responsible. While the girl had enjoyed her childhood but she was trained well in all the household works. After the marriage, girl started to make a connection with guy's family. She accepted guy's family like her own family. Thus in few months time, girl mixed herself into guy's family like salt into the water. On 24th May 1991, the girl gave birth to a boy and became a mother. After that the couple's bond got stronger. The couple was leading a perfect life but with the passage of time their family was expanding.

In few years banker's younger brother got married and in couple of years of that marriage he too was blessed with baby boy. Then on 12th August 1996, banker was blessed with another baby boy. As the family was getting bigger it was getting difficult for them to live together in that small house. So in the year 2000, banker decided to buy a new house but he only had only Rs. 25K for that. He decided to take a loan from his bank to buy a new house. He bought a small house in the same colony worth Rs. 3.5 lacs but that deal got cancelled. The owner of that house changed his mind after taking the token amount. Search for new house began again after that. It ended in the society 3 kms away from that colony. The house in that society was worth Rs. 8 lacs. It was way out of his budget.

He took the loan of Rs. 7.5 lacs not from his bank but from other sources. It was the unanimous decision of the couple to buy that house. They bought it and in july 2000, they shifted in that house. It was the biggest test of their relationship. There was huge mountain in front of them which they had to climb. The guy was earning only Rs. 10K per month and he had to pay off Rs. 7.5 lacs. It was a huge amount at that time. The lady had never seen such financial crisis in her whole life. The banker became tensed. He had no idea how long will it take to pay off such a huge amount. Moreover He had responsibility of two children who were in their growing age.

The banker lost sleep from his eyes. The only support he had was his wife. The lady stood by him in that crisis and together they started climbing that mountain. They started saving more money by cutting their extra expenses. They made their lifestyle very simple. Banker started doing part time jobs. They saved every penny they could have during that period. With all the hard work and discipline they paid off that money in 6 years. Financial crisis taught them a lot in life and their bond got strongest by the time they came out of it. After that their journey became merrier. In 2013, banker gifted a car to her wife on their 23rd anniversary. Recently they renovated and decorated that house in a way they dreamt of it to be during the crisis.

There were other ups and downs as well in their life but those were nothing in front of that crisis. Today they have completed 26 years of togetherness and they are going stronger than ever. Now how I know about this story? Well, I am their elder son. They are the god's best gift to me and there is huge impact of their journey on me and my brother.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Designs - January 2016

This month I finally feel that I am growing as a designer. I have added two new platforms in my designing portfolio. In total now I am designing on four platforms. Two new platforms on which I have started designing have tees and hoodies. December was dedicated to designing. In December lot of stuff was designed for this month and I received positive response on that. Every month I am trying to bring something new in my designs. In this month's designs as well I have played with few things to bring in the novelty. Let's have a look.

On freecultr I tried new bases last month. This month I have further added in those bases. There are five designs this month on freecultr and none of them are on plain bases. There is a sailor's tee in off white with sailor's sign all over and a boat showing the act of sailing. Second tee is on the game of chess. It is made on the black and white checks which I added last month. It has the message which chess teaches us with couple of characters of the game. Third one is floral tee with flowers all over it. Fourth tee has 3D boxes in white on it. While in fifth tee I have added sun on the cloudy base.

Since last month I am saying that I have the most varied collection on PosterGully. I am saying that on the basis of variety of designs in my collection. Cartoons, geometric designs, planets, quotes, logos, aliens, bikes, cars, animals, monuments, famous characters like joker and simpson everything I have in my collection on PosterGully. As the temperature was touching new lows, number of hoodies was touching new highs in my collection. There are as many as 35 hoodies in my collection at the moment & there is different design on each one of them. Apart from hoodies I worked on wall arts, mobile cases, tees, tops, laptop skins, cushion covers, wall clocks, coasters, accessoriy boxes etc. I told you December was dedicated to designing.

I came to know about it on facebook. It has different concept all together. On freshmonk tees and hoodies are available for limited period. In other words there are limited edition t-shirts and hoodies of one design. I have made three designs on freshmonk so far and those three designs are related to batman, cycling & blogging. We all love batman & we all know he is a dark knight so one of the tees related to batman is displaying that. Among other two one is for bloggers and other is for fitness freaks showing the importance of cycling. Again all these t-shirts and hoodies are limited edition so it won't be available for long. So if you want buy them then grab them quickly.

Dream store has the same concept as of freshmonk but the only reason I started designing on dream store is because of cricket clip arts it has on its platform. The only design on dream store is related to cricket. Cricket is all about agony so here is a t-shirt and a hoodie showing agony in cricket.

Products of the month

As months are passing number of products making it to the products of the month are increasing. In december following products got thumbs up from you.