Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Game of blogs: as it happened.

When I got mail from blogadda for the registration of game of blogs I was in train to Mumbai. I was about to begin my new job from next day so for that there was training conducted in Mumbai for 17 days. I read that mail and decided to register as soon as I reach the hotel as it was a great opportunity for me to get along with other bloggers and learn some or the other things from them. It was going to help my aspirations of writing a book which I was planning for quite some time.

I reached Mumbai and got busy in knowing new colleagues, roommates and training and forgot about the mail. Then twitter reminded me of that mail again after 4-5 days. I registered myself on blogadda next moment, but by then I was bit late for it. The next day I came to know that teams are prepared, the characters are announced around which story is to be made. So I thought I had lost this opportunity as well. Blogadda invited Meghna Pant on twitter to interact with its users. In that session I asked her a few questions and forgot about game of blogs.

Next evening there was mail from Anmol Rawat. It was a forward from blogadda that I am replacing one of the inactive team member in his team. I was really happy that finally I am a part of game of blogs. I still remember I mailed Anmol thrice until Prerna added me in the group that much excited I was. By the time I was introduced to the group everything was decided group name, which way the story will go etc. I just had to do my part. In the group everyone was an excellent writer and everybody was new to me as I am not an avid reader. It was a challenge for me as I write about my personal experiences I never made a story around five chracters. I always had a story and characters all I do is just change it a bit all the time. Moreover, I realized that I am not as poetic as they all are and my imagination also stops at a certain point. Ok, now let's see how the journey had gone round by round.

Round One:

By the time I joined the WhatsApp group round one was started. All the people Anmol, Preethi, Tina, Soumyaa, Ashutosh, Prerna & Ramanathan accepted me in the group graciously. I didn't know what they had planned, how the story will go and all. I tried to know that in the group. It was Soumyaa first who texted me next day actually she wanted a help as some chaos was created in the group and I was really sorry that I couldn't help her as I didn't really knew what they have planned.

Anmol sent the mail and explained me the way story was going to go and which part I had to write. I was really surprised by his imagination and his ability to play with characters. He gave an excellent start to the story. Now the challenge for me was to give words to his imagination. Apart from that to find a time to write as during training I was surrounded by so many people and I was finding my corner to sit and write. So I decided to write it at night when everybody(including my room mates) sleeps. Then I have to find a day in training when it doesn't matter if my mind is not active. So I chose a day of accounting which was strength. I stayed awake a night before and wrote my chapter of first round. I gave my chapter for editing at 6 a.m. so that our editors Tina and Preethi gets ample time to edit. Moreover I only had my mobile on which I had to do everything which was bit difficult so I gave Tina the admin rights of my blog to make necessary last minute changes and she still has those admin rights. this is how round one got finished.

Round two:

By the time round two began, I was back home with the letter to join immediately at Anand branch of the company. Anand is one hour away from Ahmedabad that means I had to do up down. So the first week goes into finding out trains and all. When I was busy in this Preethi was giving her day and night to the story. She did the research and gave the alien touch to the story. It was really tough round for me as daily commuting and getting use to the new things use to drain my whole energy everyday. I got my part to write on from Preethi and I decided to write it in train. You can't write in train until you have got the window seat and in the morning I got that and I began it well. I carried on with it in office as well but when I reached to the last part I didn't got the seat in train. Everytime I used to think of something I was being pushed by some or the other person in the opposite direction and my phone was about to die as well. So I finished it anyhow and handed over to Tina again. She certainly was my life guard in this journey. Preethi was the one who took the story forward in an superb manner and as a result we got second rank in the second round.

Round three:

It was the best round, it started when I had five days off in a week. I was ready to give my everything to the content which I had got from Preethi and I tried my best to reach the standards which Preethi wanted me to get to. I gave it one whole night but it did not impressed Preethi much so I gave it another five to six hours to it and then submitted it our super editor Preethi then she made the changes and gave back to me in some other format altogether. Preethi's research on aliens was superb and while writing my chapter of last round I actually started believing in it as a reader. I think that's the power of our story.
I feel I have contributed the least in this team effort and I was the most silent member in the group as well. I actually started talking about other things in the group after the completion of all three rounds. Now I want to put some light on everyone's contribution in this.

Anmol- the person who makes his living from writing and an aspiring author has given his nights on this story. Writing, editing, submitting extra chapters, bringing everyone together and leading from the from the front he has done everything. Dude, the leader is one who directs the team performance in one direction and you did that well. So don't run away from that.

Ashutosh- a student and a mad cricket fan like me. He contributed in the best possible manner he could have. His chapters were awesome. Ashu, thanks man for that Samar wala tweet and I hope you will change the password of your account soon.

Preethi- an author, that itself is an achievement. While I have only given my couple of nights on the story she has given her every night to it since it has started. She forgot her bad health, she even worked on her anniverssary. Preethi, you are the strongest pillar of our team and you truly deserve to win this.

Prerna- a co-owner of the PR company(if I am not wrong) and huge fan of Deepika Padukone. She is the admin of our group and her contribution is also commendable. She is going to call Deepika on our book launch. Prerna, I know I have talked a lot against Deepika in the group but I know what it takes to reach at that place where she is now so don't take it seriously.

Soumyaa- a student who changes her DP every half an hour. She has worked on the story after coming from Garba in Navratri. It shows this girl's commitment and dedication towards the task. Soumyaa, I know how tiring it is to work after dancing so slow for hours. Good job.

Tina- a marketing officer in Brittania and a huge Hrithik fan. While I have made all the excuses above about my work and all she is the one who mixed her work well with this task. She worked on it while travelling, in the office, while driving etc. Her commitment is also commendable. If I get drained as a person after working then she too but she kept it aside for the story. Tina, I know how tiring it is when you do both things together so great job done and thanks for being my life guard.

Ramnathan- Ram sir has been more silent than me in the group but I know he did his job well. So I won't be able to say much about him. Ram sir, sorry for that.

In the end, I just want to thank blogadda for giving me such wonderful friends from whom I have learnt a lot. I hope to adopt some qualities from them and apply it in my life and my writing aspirations.


  1. Thanks for your kind words and I enjoyed the journey too.I know how draining it is to write while working and traveling and you wrote in train - hats off to you buddy

    1. Thank you Tina. Some parts of even this post I have written in train. ;-)

  2. Thank you for the compliments. Felt great reading your post buddy. You did efforts even though you were silent for most of the time. That is what counts so cheers.

    May be your dream of becoming an author is not so far ahead now ;)

    1. Thank you Anmol and yes I have started working on it so Hopefully it will come true soon. Fingers crossed. ;-)