Saturday, 13 June 2015

My superhero turns 51 today

24th June 2014. My father said to me "it's my birthday today. Have you even wished me?" I was really feeling bad that I didn't even wish him on his birthday. It was not like I forgot that his birthday I thought it is on different day. Actually he celebrate his birthday twice in a year. Once the day he was born i.e. 24th june and the date which my grandpa wrote while taking his admission in school. So last year I thought the other date is the real one not 24th june. In that confusion I didn't wish him last year.

Paa is 51 now. So I will try to evaluate 50 years of his life from what I have seen and heard about him. Life is not easy when you loose your father at the age of five. My father started earning since he was in 10th standard. I remember my grandma used to say 'If there is a blanket there is cold but if there is no blanket then there is no cold.' I have just heard this qoute but my father has lived that qoute. He was a brilliant student in school. He would have been a doctor or an engineer today but he dropped science in 11th standard because we had no money.

They say if you want to test a man then see how he treats the people below him and my father treats the people below him like they are equal to him. He will do whatever he can for them. In family also no matter how one talks about him or how one treats him he will always be there for that person if he or she needs him in trouble. Apart from that very few people know that my father is an amazing host. Those who have experienced his hospitality knows that how amazing host he is. Those who don't have experienced his hospitality I just hope that you experience it one day.

Now if I come upon my relation with him then he is more of a friend to me. He sits with me every single day and ask me about how was my day?, is there any difficulty I am facing in office?, etc. He guides me at every step of my life. Whenever I have gone against him in life I have failed. Just by looking at me he will know about my mood. If I am happy he will join in but if I am sad or upset he will be the first person to ask me about it. I just love going on long walks with him. There are very few things in this world which money cannot buy and one of them is love of father. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

As a person I just salute him. He might not have made a lot of money in his life but he has won many hearts and have earned a respect of lot. I am trying to convince him to write his autobiography for quite sometime now but he being modest always say that I am not great enough to write an autobiography. I hope I will convince him one day. My role in his life will now increase with the rise in his age. Paa, on your 51st birthday I assure you that from now onwards I will live for you and mumma only.

Happy 51st Birthday Paa (Mohan Godhwani).

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