Friday, 26 September 2014

Blog Adda Game of Blogs - Team By Lines Chapter 15

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“This guy is your neighbor and you are telling me now?”shouted Jennifer.

“How could I know he is the same Aryan Ahuja commenting on Cyrus’s blog!”

“What does he do, how does he know so much about the aliens?”

“I have no idea... he had moved in two months back” said Shekhar nodding his head.

Shekhar remembered the day when this new neighbor had moved in the next house. The movers and packers men had trouble moving his packages about which he was very particular. He had come down to their house that very evening to introduce himself. Shekhar couldn’t recollect what he said he did for his living. He had moved in alone without a family. Shekhar had often noticed Aryan going up to his terrace to fix his DTH satellite dish in the evenings. 

Was it DTH satellite dish or something else? 

“Should we find out about him in the morning?” asked Jennifer.

"Shekhar, what is it about Aryan and Cyrus? " Tara came down then after bath.

 "Nothing Jennifer wants to meet him for her project." Shekhar said, trying to make it sound unimportant.

"Don't fool me . I heard your conversation. So tell me everything," Tara said, sounding edgy with frustration. Tara pressed her temples, trying hard to ignore the headache which was plaguing her. Her world had changed after Cyrus had started his weird act. What was it that he wanted? 

And what was these two trying to hide from her?

Shekhar who couldn’t tolerate even a single line of worry on Tara’s face made her sit near him and gathered her in a hug . Then he started to answer all her queries patiently.

Leaving them to talk things out, Jennifer came back to the guest bedroom on the second floor. 

She could see Aryan’s house nestled between the thin strips of garden. 

“That is a well-maintained garden for a bachelor,” she thought aloud.

She brought her tripod and placed it near the balcony. Jennifer fixed her Nikkon D800 with the long focus lens and placed it on the tripod. This should work for now, she thought, connecting the wires to her laptop.


The iPhone rang loudly... by the second ring jenny’s fingers reached the snooze button automatically. A minute later she opened her eyes and looked at her phone.

“eeks..” Jennifer sprang up and sprinted towards the small table at the corner of the room.

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