Tuesday, 27 January 2015

God's best gift to me.

'We don't get much opportunities to thank our parents.' I began my post with this statement last year and I want to change it this year. Actually the fact is we take our parents for granted and don't even try to thank them. We thank the whole world for whatever they do for us but we don't thank our parents while they do everything for us. I will write a blog post on them every year on their anniversary. This time its their 25th marriage anniversary and I will try my best to make it special with everything I can do.

Once I went to pick up Paa from his office in the evening. One of his colleagues said 'its good that your son comes to pick you up whenever needed. We have to go and find someone when there is some urgency with our health or anything else as our son is not here in Ahmedabad.' I was moved by those words. That man was some 5 to 6 years elder than paa and I could see on his face that how much he missed his son in this age. I decided at that moment only that I am never going to leave my parents in this age just to earn few more pennies. If I am destined to then I will make everything here only whatever I want to but I am not going to leave my parents at any cost. How can a person can leave their parents in the age when they need them the most. Do you even realize how much sacrifices they do to help you to reach whereever you are today. I will put light on the sacrifices my parents have done for us in this post.

Sacrifices made by Paa:

Paa has sacrificed his career behind us. In government sector the term for transfer is atleast three years. So my father didn't went for promotion only because of us. If he had gone for promotion then he would have been transferred anywhere in the country every three years. Due to that we wouldn't have got proper education as there would have been year dropouts etc in changing the school with every transfer. He could have been selfish and could have left us with mumma but no he never wanted that we miss the love of any of the parent as he has missed his father all his life. Apart from his career he has sacrificed lots of his needs just to fulfill our needs. He has made that habit of killing his needs for us and by now he has become very simple man. He just want to see us happy he doesn't want anything else in his life. I have big dreams in life and he values my dreams and is ready to invest in it despite knowing the amount of risk and struggle in it.

Sacrifices made by Mumma:

Mumma has given her legs behind us. She has ran behind us all her life. She makes sure that I get my tiffin on time in the morning. She makes sure that Hitu gets his clothes and tea properly and on time in the morning just make sure that he is ready and active for his college or cricket practice. She takes care of our food that it is more than sufficient for the activities we are going to do in the whole day. She do all these things without worrying about her health. She has got a knee problem now and she faces difficulty even in walking and indirectly we are only responsible for her such condition. Doctors say that she has got this problem due to the operations while giving birth to both of us. So imagine how much she love us. Boys, in this world no girl will love you more than your mother. So don't leave her alone in the old age for any girl. Likewise Paa she has also killed lots of her needs to fulfill our needs. Despite being in pain she never make us feel that pain.

How much lucky we both are to have such parents in our life. I will never regret if I have to sacrifice some of my dreams for them. You carry some part of your parents in you and I am happy that I have some qualities of my parents in me. God, thank you for giving me such parents. Paa and Mumma, no matter in whatever condition we are in future I will always be there with you. We are going to be together in every situation. You guys will always matter the most for me until I live. Girls, listen my parents will always be first for me. So you have to accept me with my parents. I will never leave my parents so if you have any such plans stay away from me.

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