Saturday, 31 October 2015

Designs - November 2015

Diwali is round the corner & everyone of you is ready to go on a shopping spree. So I am here to help you. This month I have made six designs to make your Diwali happy & trendy. This month I have played more with colors and drawings rather than messages. As Diwali is around the corner I thoughts drawings on different colors will be more appropriate than messages. There are couple of message tees though & both of them are based on theme given by freecultr in October. There are in all twenty three t-shirts in my tee store. As I mentioned in october's post there is something for everyone. So Express Yourself by donning cool tees from my tee store.

Winter has arrived. Leaves are falling from the trees. Hence the first tee of novemeber is for those who want to express the arrival of winter.

Second one is in orange with the replica of Christ the redeemer on it. This tee is not only for Christians. This tee is for all those people who love that Christ the redeemer statue & who simply believes in Jesus Christ. So express your love for Jesus Christ by donning this tee.

Last month I made the 'O' & 'X' tee in dark blue shade. This time I have made the same tee in light blue shade. Os & Xs all over the tee are looking even more awesome in light blue shade.

I found pic of an antique cycle on the internet so I thought let me make a tee out of it. There are lots of people who love antique things. So this tee is for those peopele. People express your love for antiques & cycling through this tee.

Freecultr gave designers a challenge to make tees with the theme of Unsingle. Unsingle was not about love but it was about connection & friendship. So I made a phrase 'unsingle yourself!' & made couple of tees around it. Change your status to unsingle with these tees.

The tee which caught some eye balls in the month of october is 'Tu beer hai' t-shirt. I just want to say tu beer hai yaar.

Enjoy your Diwali Shopping.