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BlogAdda Game of Blogs: Team ByLines - Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

The song of the plants had changed into the sound of chirping birds - their morning raga. Cyrus was lost in thoughts. The information that Haides had conveyed was disturbing his otherwise calm mind.

Cyrus watched Aryan who was sleeping on the chair next to him. Midway through his talk with Haides, he had send subtle thought suggestions that had sent Aryan to sleep. The pupils that were moving left and right under his closed eyelids told Cyrus that he was dreaming.

Cyrus smiled when he understood that he was starring in a rescue drama that was running in Aryan’s mind’s eye. He wished it was as easy as that- A small confrontation that would send the gray aliens running for cover. It was time Aryan got out of his dreams and helped him equip human race to face the catastrophe that would catch them unawares.

“Aryan, Aryan, Get up. It is ten in the morning,” Cyrus called, and Aryan slowly opened his eyes. He took a moment to adjust to the strange surrounding. The visuals from his dream had disoriented his perception of reality. But the presence of Cyrus jolted his memory immediately.

"Are the gray aliens going to arrive in seven days?" asked Aryan, remembering the conversation he had heard before he had fallen asleep.

"Yes," replied Cyrus, as though that was a simple declaration.

How did it get so late, so soon?” murmured Aryan, willing himself to think and be brave. But the thought that he had just a week left to live, left him shattered. But not only him, the whole of human race would face its end.

"We didn’t anticipate this. As winter arrives in the southern hemisphere in June every year, a vortex of winds develops around the pole and isolates the polar stratosphere. When temperatures drop below -78°C thin clouds form of ice, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid mixtures. Chemical reactions in the clouds release active forms of CFCs depleting Ozone, and almost immediately the ozone “hole” appears over Antartica.

Over the course of two to three months till September, approximately 50% of the total column amount of ozone in the atmosphere disappears. This year the losses have approached 90%. Antarctic ozone hole has become the largest ever till date. The gray aliens are planning to utilize this opportunity to maximum," Cyrus said, conveying the core of what Haides had disclosed.

“Isn’t there a way to stop them? And why are the people of the world not yet aware of it? Our space agencies have powerful telescopes that watch out for threats like asteroids that might arrive even years later. Why then are they not preparing people for this catastrophe?” asked Aryan, voicing the many questions that were popping into his mind.

“The type of space travel that the gray aliens adopt is far different from what humans know and perceive. They simply stop existing at one location and begin existing at another location. It is like; one moment they are there in their planet and next moment appear just near earth. How can any telescope detect that?” asked Cyrus.

“But how can that happen? In all the years that I have studied astro-physics and done my research on aliens, I have never come across any such knowledge. Can you explain how they do that?” asked Aryan, eager for any new piece of knowledge.

“Do you really need to know now? We have far more important things to discuss Aryan,” said Cyrus, waving off the question.

“Please, do explain Cyrus. Otherwise, I will continue racking my brain trying to figure it out,” pleaded Aryan.

“Ok, I will try to make it simple. Man thinks of objects as existing at a location. The gray aliens think of location as one of the properties of an object. If you look at an object as if it has a frequency-equation as its signature, it has a component that represents the location of the object. What they do is that they change the location component of the equation of the object from ‘location A’ to ‘location B’. Within a moment the spaceship stop existing at point A and start existing at point B,” explained Cyrus.

Aryan blinked trying to digest the seemingly simple explanation that Cyrus gave. It was still Greek and Latin to Aryan. But how could one change the location component of something as vast as a spaceship? And what was the technology that they would use to accomplish that? Questions after question kept surfacing in Aryan’s mind. Cyrus shook his head reading Aryan’s many thoughts.

"Aryan, time is precious now. Every passing second is important. I promise, I will answer every single one of your question once this danger passes. Yes, undoubtedly we will find a way out of this danger. But for that I need help from every single source that I can think of. More than anything, we need to make Tara realize that she is Clariota. She is someone who is capable of facing any number of gray aliens single handedly," Cyrus said. From the way Cyrus spoke confidently about Clariota, Aryan gleaned that hope was still shining bright.

“I am ready to do anything that will help Tara; I mean Clariota, realize her powers. Tell me Cyrus, What I should do?” asked Aryan.

“I have made the visuals from Tara’s past from my memory into a video CD, something you can play in their house. It has hidden messages embedded in it that will cause Tara to remember that she is Clariota. All you have to do is to convince Shekhar, Jennifer and Tara to view it. If she views even half of the recording, she will become ready to be awakened again. I can then go ahead with her awakening. The shield that she has built to block the telepathic communications with us will wither down due to the subtle codes embedded in the video recording,” said Cyrus, and handed over to Aryan a VCD that looked like any other normal CD.

“What if this fails?” asked Aryan.

“You won’t fail. They will be ready to believe you,” assured Cyrus.

Aryan got up, ready to leave. Just then, a panel on the wall slid open revealing an arched opening. Cyrus smiled as though he had seen someone whom he was eager to meet and murmured, “We are saved.”

Aryan stared at the opening waiting for someone to emerge.

Cyrus rushed towards the arch and exclaimed.

“Welcome back Great Master. I am so relieved.”

Aryan blinked and then shook his head as though to clear his head.  Cyrus was talking to thin air.

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