Thursday, 7 November 2013

God Hung his Boots

Before writting this post, I have thought a lot that how will I present a 24 years long career and even longer stratuture called Sachin Tendulkar in just one blog post? So I am not going to discuss his numbers as these numbers are enough to describe 24 years long cricketing career. Here I am going put some light on how God of cricket persued his 24 years long tenure with team India.

Sachin was the first name which I heard when I came into the conscious. In my growing years I use to hear only one thing that until Sachin is batting we are not going to loose the match irrespective of opposition that was the aura of that man. Sachin has made that amount of records that if record book has 200 pages then 180 pages out of 200 in that book will consist of only Sachin's records.

God made his presence feel in the world of cricket in the year 1988 by making 664 run partnership with Vinod Kambli. The impact of partnership was such that it became a topic of discussion in the Indian dressing room at that time. Not only that god made his way to Indian team by making centuries on Ranji trophy debut, Irani trophy debut & Duleep trophy debut. Its a mammoth for a 15 year old kid. Then Sachin made his international debut in 1989 against Pakistan, he would have made century on his test debut as well but to hide his godly powers he respected Pakistan's fast bowlers & allowed them to give him cuts on his face.

The real journey of Sachin started in
England where he got his first century in test cricket. It was the time when everyone was in awe of the talent of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin's ODI skill was tested in 1992 world cup where he proved himself by blistering half centuries against the top sides of the world. Though his first ODI century came after 80 odd innings. I think the god in Sachin was born in Sharjah where Sachin storm was more destructive than sand storm. It was time where everything was paying off his determination, dedication everything.

The worst phase was in Sachin's career was when he was captain of India. His captaincy gave birth to his critics which were non existing as his batting caused vasectomy to them till his captaincy. Once the responsibility of captaincy was off his shoulders, his form flourished again. It was the begining of record breaking journey most runs in world cup, most runs in ODI cricket, most centuries in ODI and test and many many more.

He has his own way of replying to different things. He used his bat to give answer to sledgings. He used his performances and records to answer his critics. I still remember Sachin saying that 'some stones were thrown on me which I have converted into milestones' after acheiving the milestone of 10000 runs in test cricket. I would like to say to sachin's critics 'tumko sachin ka critic banke kya mila Babaji Ka Thullu.'

On 10th October 2013 god of cricket announced his retirement, it was very emotional day for the world of cricket. In a nation where cricket is more than a game Sachin's exit will be a great loss to the game as in India 25% to 30% of people watch cricket only to see Sachin bat. Now we are heading towards the last test of Sachin, it will be a blessing to watch him bat one last time. Unfortunately the god is hanging his boots but Sachin sir you will always be missed until cricket exists. Experts says that Sachin is best after Don Bradman but according to me Sachin is and will always be bigger and better than Bradman. 

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