Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 as it happened

At the start of 2013 final exams were going on of 3rd semester & on 1st jan, I think it was a exam of International Business. I was going through pretty tough phase of my life as I was still recovering from the loss of my grandma whom I lost at the end of 2012. It doesn't stopped there I kept on loosing people close to me people whom I thought are my best friends keeps on going away from my life in midst of crisis. In fact I would have been all alone but my family & very few people who know me since my childhood backed me up and their support made me strong enough to face ignorance, avoidance, treachery, cheating, just everything.

The season of projects begin from February as I entered into the last sem of MBA. During that phase I said myself that boss this is the reality. Accept it no matter how bad it gets. I started keeping people at bay as I know that it will go on till I complete my MBA. Ultimately I went into the shell & key of that shell was only given to those people who supported me. I involved myself in projects and studies but then also I wasn't been able to concentrate on anything else. With all these things happening, placements also started with full force in March as final exams were May. I started giving interviews.

I gave plenty of interviews and cracked most of them till April & by the end of april I had some options from which I have to choose. It was google play's notification that 15 applications are waiting for your approval to get updated. In the mid of all those things M(a)y month started in which final exams commenced & on my birthday in that month I realised that I have become numb. I realised that I have lost all the feelings like happiness, excitement, sadness etc. & I had no reason to be happy.  In btw I chose smart consultancy as my first company and I joined it from 1st of june with couple of my college mates or my two best friends then.

No one even imagine to start his career with fraud company & I got that kind of start. I was touching the new heights of lowness & to add that both of my friends taught me some chapters of practicality. Anyways I left that job in july & I was jobless again then I started giving interviews again. Agian that month of joblessness was pretty difficult as I have to answer many questions like why you left that company? Were you terminated from that company? etc. This gave birth to ruthless rude personality in me which worked as a shield to hide my senstive personality.

In july mid I was selected gave the interview for MRF & then trip to Chennai happened. Before going to chennai I was also selected for but call for joining came in second week of August & I joined it on 16th of august. Here company has given me complete freedom of working. I am working on my own here. Here I met great guide in form of Hiren Shroff who is also sindhi. Finally I got my life started gaining stability. It has been 4 months, I have been working in that company. I will always be grateful to Hiren sir and for showing faith in me. My life is much stable now & has ended 2013 on a high rather than getting high.

I know this is a normal thing in anyone's life but its hurting for a sensitive personality like me and this is what happened in my life in 2013. I hope 2014 will bring more stability in life and I will be back on track. Finally to end this post I want to acknowledge the people who were part of there in 2013. So Thanks to those who hated me, they made me a stronger person. Thanks to those who  loved me, they made my heart bigger. Thanks to those who were worried about me, they let me know that they actually cared. Thanks to those who left me, they made me realize that nothing lasts forever.Thanks to those who entered my life, they made me who i'm today. Just want to Thank you for being there in my life!! God Bless You All. Yaa I got this message on whats app but it made my work of acknowledging people easy.

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