Sunday, 27 April 2014

Anything for cricket

For a cricket maniac like me cricket is above everything & IPL is a carnival of cricket where cricket is celebrated to its fullest by the players of all the nations with unity & equality. IPL gives very heavy dose excitement to me as I love to see my favourite players from different nations playing together. So I remain quite excited for every season of IPL. Moreover I have done some crazy things to watch every single moment of IPL.

It is an incident of this year only. Till last year I was pursuing my MBA so I used to be at home to watch each & every ball of IPL but this year it was different I was at work but the excitement was same as it used to be in earlier years. On 16th april 2014, I was at work & IPL 7 was about to begin. At 6 pm pre-match show begun & for the first time I was missing the opening ceremony of Pepsi IPL in 7 years. I never missed opening ceremony of IPL in last 6 years no matter if I had exams or any other important work I watched every bit of it.

Here I was doing my work & there was no tv around to watch it. So I missed the opening ceremony. I finished my work by 7:30 pm & I was dying to watch Pepsi IPL but my timings of factory were till 8:30. I decided to watch it on using its 'deferred live' feature where I could see the live match with 5 minutes delay only but my phone's battery was about to die & unfortunately I forgot charger at home that day. My phone's battery died at 7:50 & match was about to begin in just ten minutes.

I was only left with one option that to go home & watch the match but I was alone at factory here as chachu was out with some work. I was waiting for chachu to come so I can leave for home. My wait was of 15 minutes & those 15 minutes passed like 15 years. Chachu came at 8:05 & the moment he entered I was ready to go home. I took the permission from him & left for home. It normally takes half an hour to reach home from factory but on that day my excitement was at such a high level that I wasn't been able to drive at normal speed. I touched the speed of 110 km/h on my bike where normally I never go beyond 60 km/h. I took crazy ride that day to reach home just to watch Pepsi IPL. By god's grace I reached home safely that day & watched whole match calmly after that. Thank god I had 'Deferred Live' feature on & the charger to watch the Pepsi IPL from next day.

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