Thursday, 23 January 2014

God's best gift to me

We don't get much opportunities to thank our parents for everything they do for us unconditionally in our whole life. I know thanks is nothing in front of the sacrifices our parents make for us but some people kick their parents out of their lives, houses everything when they need them the most. I urge to those people don't ever leave your parents in old age home or don't let them feel unwanted at any stage of their life. Your parents doesn't give you birth to see that day. Don't worry I am not going to begin Bhaagban here, I am writting this blog to express my gratitude to mumma & paa for everything they have done for me.


Let me begin with Paa here. Paa is the simplest person I have ever known. The kind of life he has lived, it even can't be anyone's worst nightmare. My grand father passed away when paa was only 5. Now imagine how would have that man leaded his life being the eldest one among siblings. The kind of struggle he has done in his life, I don't think he has got even 20% of what he deserve. I am definitely going to get scolded for sharing this here. 'You are a great soul' these were last words from my grandma to paa & it says everything about him.

I don't know how many wishes paa would have sacrificed to fulfill mine. Apart from that as a person also he has given a lot to me. All the qualities in my personality is because of him. Paa has always been my ideal, role model, teacher, guide everything. He has always been there for me whenever I am in dillema, hard time of life or any sort of crisis. The amount of belief he has in me even I don't have that much belief in me. Whenever I am down and out he is always the first person to notice that and ask what happened? If someone ask me who you want to be like in future? I would say that I want to be like my paa even though I know I can't even come anywhere near to his stature. Paa its a promise that I will try my best to get you what you deserve. And lastly I don't call him Paa after that movie, I call him that even before that movie.


Mumma is very adaptive and supportive by nature. She can adapt herself as per the situation we are in. Mumma has supported paa equally well in every step of life, she has been with in every event of his life. Mumma has played equally important role in putting good qualities and mannerisms in me. She has also given up her wishes to fulfill mine. Actually she is the one who has put a strong base in me as a person. In every failure of my life mumma shows me the positive side of it & consider it good every single time so that I don't feel bad.

Mumma still pampers me like a child. If I am on a trip somewhere, she will call atleast 8 times a day asking 'you had lunch?', 'you reached in your room?', 'when did you had dinner?', 'is milk available there?' etc etc. Anyday if I get late by even 15 minutes, I am definitely going to get a call asking why are you late? Or where have you reached? Or when will you be home? By this you would have understood how much she cares for me. She make sure that I get my food, clothes etc on time. Apart from that if I am hurt or in pain, tears will be dropping from her eyes before mine. Moreover she is the one who has taken most of my frustration till date. Mumma thank you for taking my fuss and at the same time I am sorry for the same. Lastly there isn't any released with the title mumma, so I don't owe any explanation to anyone.

Mumma and Paa are going to begin 25th year of their partnership on 28th of this month. So this is one of the gifts from me to mumma & paa on their marriage anniversary this year. Mumma, Paa I will make sure that I never let you down at any stage of life. You both are god's most precious gifts to me, I will always be with you both irrespective of the situation we are in. After reading this, Hitu is going to kill me as he doesn't even know that I am doing any thing like this. I will let him write in next time.

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