Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Fantastico Journey

I signed up on twitter in 2010. I made my account on twitter only because of Yuvraj Singh. I adulate Yuvraj and in 2010, I watched on one of the news channels that Yuvraj tweeted so and so thing. I remember, I had Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone at that time and I signed up on twitter from that phone. At that time twitter was new in the market and most of celebrities had an account on it. It was an alien land for me. It was very different from facebook. Facebook was in trend at that time. Every social media platform was compared with facebook during that period. I had an account on facebook and I was pretty much active on it.

Twitter was going over my head in the beginning. What is tweet, re-tweet, favourite?  I had no idea. First thing I understood about twitter was following and followers. And Yuvraj Singh was the first person whom I followed on twitter. I started spending more time on it as it was an interesting concept. After following and followers, the next thing I learnt on twitter was how to reply. Along with Yuvraj, I am a huge fan of Gaurav Kapur as well and he is also on twitter. In 2010, Fifa world cup was about to begin and the football in that world cup was designed by a sindhi guy. Gaurav Kapur gave a complement to that sindhi guy in sindhi on twitter. Gaurav Kapur's sindhi was not correct in that tweet. I corrected him by replying to that tweet. In this way I learnt to reply on twitter. That tweet was re-tweeted by Gaurav Kapur but at that time I was searching the mean of re-tweet in dictionary.

I was comparing twitter with facebook but soon I realised that it is very different from it. Slowly, I got the idea about tweet, re-tweet and favourite. Once I understood the concept of it, I started spending most of the time on it. I forgot sharing on facebook and started tweeting everything. It was difficult to adjust to 140 characters thing but I got used to it as well. It was a beginning of a great journey then. I started expressing myself on twitter. I started sharing everything on twitter. I was expressing myself on twitter freely because I was not judged by anyone on that platform. People on it were completely new to me.bI was like a free bird on it. Slowly, I learnt to use hashtags and I started using them.

Over the period of time twitter has grown a lot and along with twitter, I have grown as well. I have won contests on it. My tweets were on air during the live matches. It has provided the much needed expousre to me. I have posted more than 14,400 tweets so far. I am soon going to complete six years on twitter. Through out this journey, I have expressed myself freely. I haven't made too many followers in these six years (only 276 followers) but I have enjoyed every moment on twitter. Now, I am emotionally attached to twitter as I express all of my emotions on it. I am not worried about the number of followers as I am enjoying being on twitter. It has been fantastic journey so far and hopefully it is going to be fantastico ahead.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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