Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I have taken a step forward in blogging. I am blogging since 2011. First, I started with single blog then slowly I made three blogs of different genres. Personal, Cricket (sports) and Marketing. I have added fourth blog in my portfolio now Yes, it is my own website. Now, no blogspot or wordpress or any other website's name in web address of my blog. There is only my name in it. In other words I am a dot com now. I bought my domain and word press web hosting from Big Rock. I decided to go for my own website because in freelancing I was loosing assignments. Companies were not allowing me to write for them because I didn't had my own website. Apart from that, I was looking for a platform to start new blog series.

First thing in the process of making website was to choose the name. I have decided to go for .com rather than .net or .in but a name before that was difficult to decide. pareshgodhwani would have been too long while only paresh would have been too general. I thought of par god first but then there would have been no connection between website and my previous blogs. The reflection of my name was important in website's name. I even thought of paresh wani but it sounds awkward. Paresh's wani sounds perfect. In the end, I came up with a simpler name pareshg. It is short, it has the reflection of my name, it connects with my other blogs and it sounds respectable as well.

Second thing after name was a theme. Word press provided me thousands of themes. I wanted a theme which looks good and give all the information about me including my social media accounts. And luckily I got that theme. I gave the name to the blog PG which is same as of my oldest and first blog. Then I added par god in my tag line which is directly linked to my twitter account. On the top of the page there are links to all of my social media accounts. Then there is a header which includes my blog name and tag line. I got the header image from BlogAdda. It depicts everything which you will find on my table except pepsi. Most importantly it has Six Degrees in it.

After the header, there are my posts. I have made 20 drafts to give you overall idea about the blog. Actually I have completed and published one post out of those 20. This blog is going to be a mixture of my three older blogs (PG, Cricket-ology & Short Stories). I will mix all three genres in it and will try to make it infotainment for you. I know I didn't mention about the link to my blogger blogs. In this blog, the link to my blogger blogs is invisible. It is somewhere around the links to my social media accounts. If you read and follow my blogs regularly then only you will be able to find it. You can comment on this post if you find that link.

Lastly, widgets in this blog is in the sidebar where you will find the one page called blogging badges. Where you will find my badges I have got while blogging. This website is for one year as of now. I will evaluate it at the end of the year and then decide whether I want to go on with it or not. It is an added responsibility for me. I have to maintain four blogs now. I will make sure that none of them is left behind. Hopefully this blog will perform and will give me good ROI. I would like to make it my permanent website in future. Let's see how it performs. Fingers crossed.