Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Unforgettable Tour Part - 3

India beat England 5-0. No i am not talking about football match. I am talking about cricket India white washed England in ODI series as India beat England in 5 match ODI series 5-0. As expected India was dominating in India. It was most awaited tour not only because India didn't won even single game in England but it was also awaited because of all those comments on Indian Cricket Team off the field by English ex-cricketers. Indian cricketers were also eagerly waiting to payback to english cricketers what they got in England.

As England came to India has just witnessed an awesome Champions League T20. India welcomed England by beating them by 126 in 1st ODI. Bounce on the pitch was low & through out that match English bowlers danced like shakira around Dhoni & Raina. While batting Jadeja made English Batsmen dance like Anil Kapoor.

In 2nd ODI also India dominated throught the match as India beat England by 8 wickets with 80 balls remaining. In this match Indian bowlers put English batsmen under shock so they were not able to do anything & similar kind of thing was done by Indian batsmen to English bowlers so they were in shock so in this way they lost the match in shock 'shock laga shock laga shock laga lagaa'.

In 3rd ODI India beat England by 5 wickets this is the only ODI in which England dominated with the bat. On the contrary English bowlers started singing(sledging) as they didn't get early wickets Indian batsman were so frustrated by their singing that they started hitting them all over the ground & won it comfortably. In this way India won the series 3-0.

In 4th ODI where India was playing for clean sweep on the other hand England was searching for a win. India was so dominating in Indian conditions that it didn't gave England any chance to come on top of them at any point of the game & again India beat them by 6 wickets. India was 4-0 up.

In 5th ODI India was ready to make it 5-0 but England was also ready to stop India from winning.England didn't play for winning the match but they played to stop India from winning. That's why they sung (sledged) & danced on the field but niether their singing nor their dancing impressed India & again they were badly defeated. In this way India washed England with white in the ODI series. India would have allowed England to win one or two matches if Cook have begged in front of Dhoni in a way Hoezaay do in 'Please Daddy Please' ad of lenovo Laptop.

In this way India made this tour unforgettable for England. As i mentioned in my earlier posts that nothing went India's way in England but this time India made it worst for England. Now all ex-cricketers of England are hiding their faces. I just want to give them one advice that think twice before speaking from now onwards. In England they tried to prove that India wasn't deserving to win the world cup. In India England have framed their own perception in front of whole world that they can't perform well on the turning pitches. India put that much pressure on England that they were fielding like real donkeys. They were droping easy catches & fumbling the balls from the hands. Overall India made it worst for England & they deserve so.

At the end every Indian cricketer should ask a question from themselves 'Have I made it large?' as people didn't turned up to watch the matches. Throughout the series stadiums weren't full upto its capacity even in single game. What should be the reason behind that? as its very rare to see half filled stadiums in India during Indian team's matches. Is it overdose of cricket in India? Or something else. Whatever it is BCCI have to work on this & have to find a solution for this.

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