Thursday, 3 July 2014 A Sudden End to Journey

In April a new clause was added in cartrade-Honda tie up that forfeited amount will go to Honda auto terrace. Due to this auto terrace managers started putting fake entries, false information, etc. to obtain the amount of the forfeiture. On the other hand, they were selling the cars through internal setting to show the sales to Honda management. Hence all the genuine dealers lost faith in the auction & our team was trying it on small garages who cannot afford to lose any sort of money.

All of my customers were either forfeited or were not getting the cars. It had become the job of creating enemies by taking the money rather than creating a healthy business relationship. It was the time, even I lost the faith in the auction. I wasn't pushing the clients to buy it, I was appealing to simply those who were interested. In April I brought only one cheque & that too dealer told me not to deposit it until there is a call from his side. I even exhibited the negative side of the auction to one of the dealers who was approached by the team as I was supposed to face everything here not they. My management was on the safe side as they were sitting in Mumbai not here in Ahmedabad. I would have been in a big big trouble if I had continued to make fake promises to dealers.

My plan was to do the job for four to five years, then I was exiting to start my own business to fulfil my dreams. I might sound bit arrogant here, but I don't think I can achieve my dreams with an yearly growth of 10-15%. Paa knew everything what I was going through so on the first sunday of May Paa & I discussed everything & on monday morning I mailed my resignation. It was quite a sudden end of the journey, but on that sunday paa told me one thing 'Let's give it a shot to your dream' & that was it for me. Then I was relieved by the company by 20th of may. I will never forget cartrade for two reasons, one they give me the freedom to play in my own way & other they showed lot of faith in me & I am grateful to cartrade management for that.

I am also grateful to the whole team of cartrade sales department in Ahmedabad specially Hiren sir, for standing by me throughout & Mukesh Bhai & Nilesh Bhai for being there to help me whenever I needed them. Piyush Bhai, Himanshu, Prashant, Kuldeep & Bhavesh Bhai also helped me in the beginning, so thanks to you guys as well. Now it's time for my own venture & I have been training for that since 20th May.

I am going to give birth to a clothing brand this year. It is not the right time to enroll into the market. The market is all time low at the moment, rotation of money has stopped due to various factors & there are no signs of boom either. The odds have always been against me, but this time I am firm on my decision & not much worried about the odds. I know I have to be extra careful at every step & I think I am prepared for that. A lot is at stake in this venture its not only my dreams, but it is going to involve my whole family. It is almost like everything or nothing so it is going to be a really hard time for me. If I failed at it, I will back to that 10% growth. But over the years cricket has taught me that 'you will be remembered for the performance you have given in crucial time.' So I am prepared for that crucial time. Hence fingers crossed & let's see how I perform in the crucial time.

The End.

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