Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trip to Chennai

On 18th july 2013 MRF interview was conduced at Park Plaza in Ahmedabad. I got the mail that I am shortlisted for it on 11th of july. It was a big opportunity for to start a career with India's no 1 company with the revenue of over 13000 crores in 2012-13. I went to give the interview it consists of 4 rounds & it took around 4 hours to get finished. In the end I came out with the letter saying that I am qualified for the last round of interview which will be held in chennai on 30th of july.

28th july
5:30 a.m
I was off for railway station as train to chennai was at 6:40 a.m. I was confident that I will reach there by 5:50 as there won't be any traffic. I was at the gate of railway station by 5:45 & then I faced one of the heaviest traffics of my life from the gate of railway station to platform no. 1. I reached at platform no. 1 at 6:10 a.m then I got into my seat & train 'took off' at 6:40 exactly.

29th july
1:02 a.m
I by mistake dropped my mobile on the lower berth. My seat no was 9 & it was a lower berth but a tamil uncle asked me to sleep on middle berth & the worst part was they made me asleep by 10:30. So I was trying to search network from 10:30 but all efforts were in vain then I started reading 'Dork' & read it till 1:00 that's when I was searching my mobile to check the network & I dropped it. I went down & started searching over tamil uncle's head & he was in deep sleep. Soon I realised if saw me like this he will think that I am a sri-lankan & trying to kill him. Moreover I didn't knew tamil to explain him what I was doing. So I waited till 3:00 a.m that's when he got up & went into washroom & finally I searched my mobile & came back & slept. Phewwww.

29th july
4:30 p.m
Train 'landed' at Chennai central. After all that chaos in the night everything went smoothly till I reached chennai. Then I got out of station which was awkwardly designed having entry & exit gate at platform no. 11 rather than at platform no. 1. After reaching there I was ready for all the tamil language, the lungis & all the related stuff. Next task was to get an auto to hotel, as I came out I got an auto, I showed him the address he told me Rs. 120 which was double of what I was instructed by a chennai localite who was gujarati. I said to that autowala 'Anna this is too much' in half south Indian accent. He came down to Rs. 80 that was the impact of that statement. Wonder I have said it twice more he would have taken me to hotel free of cost and finally I reached hotel.

30th july
4:30 a.m
I woke up to a terrible nightmare & checked the time it was 4:30. After that I knew I am not going to get sleep now so I killed the time till 6:30 then was off to get ready for interview. I was at MRF's corporate office half an hour before the given time & was introduced to 39 other candidates from west & north India mainly. MRF's corporate office was at 8th floor of the building. Before interview my expectations were high may be on 6th floor of 8 floors of building as we were told in Ahmedabad that going to Chennai will only be a formality & we came to know that there is an elimination at that time my expectation came down to 2nd floor. Then we were divided among 2 panels & mine was no. 15. When it started I was nervous as the pressure was piling on. After I thought of my experience of giving interviews my nervousness was converted into an excitement. My turn came at 11:00 a.m & after 20 minutes of grinding interview, I came out with an excellent remark from Vice President.

30th july
2:08 p.m
Result time! My expectations were at top most level after the kind of interview I had given. I was pretty sure that my name was going to be in the list of selected candidates. The names were announced & after the last name an awkward silence fell into the surrounding atmosphere. There were celebrations & condolences from fellow candidates from Ahmedabad that I am fresher & I have a lot ahead & all that but I knew one thing that I was rejected. After some time all of the sudden music of 'keh ke lunga' started playing in my mind then I told myself that this is Chennai not Wasseypur. So they won't understand 'keh ke lunga', they will only understand 'nagamuka' & will leave snakes behind me if I said anything like keh ke lunga to them.

31st july
6:34 a.m
Woke up to another dream & that was like there are only 2 people in MRF's office me & VP (Vice President) & he has that devil horns on his head. He took me from 8th floor to the basement of building & told that 'this is your place. Hahaha' & went off. That was enough to disparage my efforts for being selected for the last round despite being a fresher.

31st july
8:40 a.m
Back to Chennai central for 9:30 train to Ahmedabad. It was on time as it left for Ahmedabad exactly at 9:30. This time there was one tamil family & one rajasthani old couple with me. That rajasthani lady came with some sort of mantra like 'eat, sleep & fart'. She didn't do anything else than these 3 things but she farted a lot. In the evening I came across one 60-65 years old man with spikes on his head. I don't know whether they were real or they were his hair but they were straight as darts. They gave me inferiority complex, I clicked his pic & put it on twitter. And I reached Ahmedabad at 7:10 p.m on 1st august. Overall it was fartful experience filled with disappointment & dejection. Once again in my life I was kicked for keeping expectation from something or someone. This is the way life goes accept it, improve yourself & move on.

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