Monday, 26 August 2013

First Love

Love is a beautiful feeling in this numb world. Here I will talk only about first love as after all that happens is an agreement of love in which is made up of lots of terms & conditions. First love is like a season of spring, it blossoms happiness in your life. It starts with friendship, then it gets converted into an attachment & then that attachment will get converted in to that thing called (first) love.

It is such a blind thing that it doesn't see factors like religion, caste, age etc., now a days it doesn't see even a gender under the act of 377 of Indian law. Its best part is that you will never know that when did you fell into it; It will form a chain or flow where you will just go with that flow without worrying about the world. It binds two persons together in such a way that both of them get addicted to each other. Whether it is a good news or a bad news both of them will share it with each other before the remaining world.

Now a days people has defined love till the limits of physical intimacy but I still beleive in traditional love. I still beleive in soulmate kind of love. I think its more of being there for each other in hard times, standing by each other in hard times & celebrating each & every happiness together throughout the life time.

Lucky are those who people who get their first love as their life partner. God bless very less people with such fortune whose first love lasts forever. I beleive love stands on the base of four pillars & those four pillars are: 1. Transparency, 2. Expectations, 3. Trust & 4. Loyalty. So couples having all these pillars strong tends that their love lasts forever. If any of these pillars are weak or missing then love will end at some point of time.

Now what if first love doesn't last forever. One thing is for sure that you will never forget that for the rest of your life. It will stick in your some part of your heart like someone has applied fevi qwick to it. You will never have same feelings for the other person coming in your life. If any other person comes in life for whom you are his/her first love & you are most important person for him/her in the world & if he/she rates you above the rest of the world then never ever let that person go out of your life. Never ignore or hurt that person on the grounds of practicality.

I always beleive and rate human values more than practicality. For that person you are the world & you can't hurt or ignore that person just because you are too practical. Atleast I can't because I know that that person will do everything possible to make me happy always. For the time being my only love is cricket. I keep lots of expectations from it & it never lets me down. It will be with me forever whether I get my soulmate or not.

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