Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rise of Corruption & related problems

Corruption is like charity it begins at home. I recently heard that all started 50 to 60 years back in our country. U can say that it was born & brought up so well that today every minister of our country is corrupt.

Corruption has been raised to such an extent that if you have any kind of work associated with government offices like getting a license or passport etc. You have to be ready to pay some extra amount if you to want that the work should be done quick & fast otherwise it will take long time. It has been root cause to the many problems. Corruption increases the poverty & inflation. Due to inflation even prices of basic necessities are so high that poor people can't afford it & due to this suicides & crimes increases in our country. For instance this year we had a record production of food grains but it wasn't available at cheaper rates to the poor people, even though 65 million tonnes of food grains got wasted due to improper or lack of storage facility. Government has no answer for why wasn't food grains available at cheaper rates? it would have decreased food inflation.

Corruption gives birth to the black money. Big amount of black money of Indian people is deposited in the foreign banks. Its such a big amount that if it is brought back & invested for the development of country then every thing will be so cheaper that even the people below poverty line can afford the things, India will never have to take the loans from the foreign sources for the development of infrastructure.

Corruption is biggest barrier between India & its development. All i can say that the corruption has lived a long life in our country. Now we have to kill it & for that we have to fight with our own countrymen. We should do our bit for kicking out the corruption out of our country. By this I don't mean to say only support Anna Hazare but i would insist that we should pay fine as per the law instead of giving 20rs to the police man while we break the traffic rules & similar kinds of things.

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