Monday, 3 November 2014

Theory of Expectations

Expectation. The most hurtful thing in this world and I am trying to write a theory on it here. First, how expectations are born? As far as I think expectations are born in every relationship you make. If you are a businessman then your expectations would be regarding goods/services and payment from debtors and creditors etc. Similarly if you are working somewhere then your expectations will be from work, salary, fellow workers etc. As a human being you would expect from family and friends(including boyfriend and girlfriend) mostly. Apart from that every Indian expect that team India will win every single match.

According to me among all those expectations what hurts the most are the expectations from family and friends. Family and friends to which you are attached to always hurt more than any other relations. People have different types of friends like by the way friends, best friends etc etc. For me friend is a one with whom you can share everything freely and can rely on. So I will talk about those kind of friends only. Friends help whenever you are in need that's when the expectations rises from them. You will always feel that I have someone who will stand by me everytime but what if the same friend just kick your ass when you need him/her the most. Oooh! that creates pain in ass.

Suppose a friend of yours who has been with you all the time all becomes a diplomat all of the sudden and kills your expectations after taking it to the top just to be in the good books of someone. It will hurt no? I am sure many of you would have gone through such instances. Ok Let's take one more example suppose there is someone really special in your life and you give him/her the utmost importance. So that person who matters the most in your life suddenly starts avoiding you. He/she start hiding out the things, lies to you every now and then and ignores you completely. How will you feel then? You might not have expected this from that person but it is happening and you can do nothing about it. It hurts like hell. I consider if you can't live upto someone's expectations then don't give birth to them.

Now family, according to me, you are incomplete without your family. Family supports in the worst times of life when noone's around. Let's take an example to understand it. Suppose, you need family to settle down in life. Here too expectations arises when someone give birth to them and someone from your family assures you that they will help you to settle down in life. After assuring you they take six months of your life and then says now we cannot help you find someone else. Yes that feeling just kills you from inside. You will not get that time back, you will not get those opportunities back which you lost in that period and you will not get that effort back which you have put in during that period. Everything will be done and dusted by then and you have to begin all over again from zero. Again I would just say that if you can't live upto someone's expectations then don't give birth to them.

After having such experiences I have made very strong walls around me. I don't really allow everyone to enter into that walls. If I allow anyone to enter then that person is really very special for me. I hope none of them will ignore or cheat me ever. I want to reach the stage where I don't need anyone's support EMOTIONALLY or otherwise to move ahead in life. I am working towards it and hopefully I will attain it soon.

The theory of expectations according to me is that if you can't live by someone's expectations then please don't give birth to them as it always hurt a lot when you kill those expectations.

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