Thursday, 3 July 2014 Golden Period

On 30th of december I convinced that customer to register & he gave me the cheque on 31st december. What a way to end the year. I got the cheque at 5:30 so the banks were closed by therefore I submitted it on 2nd January & my score was 1. In those 4 months after the end of every month, I used to think I will be sacked this month but company kept faith in me & I am always going to be thankful to company for that. I don't think any finance company would have waited that long for me. I would have been sacked by the end of second month there.

I begun the january on high by depositing the cheque on the second day of new year. I didn't knew there is a twist in the story. On 5th of january I received a call from that dealer that 'cheque I had given you has bounced due to insufficient balance come tomorrow and take away the cash.' I went to take the cash the other day but he said he don't have cash now come tomorrow & it went on for next 15 days. I knew he is not going to give me cash by then. My score was 0 again & again I had a feeling that I will be sacked by the end of month but I was firm that I will make another sale this month. In between I blocked that dealer's account & started hunting behind another one who was interested.

Again company had some different plans for me on 23rd of january they ordered me to go to Valsad & Navsari for three days for the auction which had no future. So there was no meaning in staying there for three days. I came back next day & got the cheque from the dealer whom I was hunting for. If I hadn't gone to Valsad & Navsari I would have got the cheque that day only. This time I made sure that cheque has cleared & not bounced. Finally my score was 1 & ended the january with a sale. It was that time my hard work was paying off.

On 2nd february I collected 2 cheques in one day. One came because of my effort & other came because of Hiren sir. Thank you sir for that. I collected revenue of over 42000 in one day. It was a some kind of record, I felt of smacking those cheques on the face of that RM but I believe that actions speaks larger than the words & 42000 in one day spoke everything on behalf of me. It was a month of celebration my career touching new high, cousin's wedding, goa tour everything happened in that smallest month of the year.

Among those sales the one I made in january, I lied to that dealer that you will get the cars easily which was not true at all about Honda auction. I did it because I was in desperation to get off the mark but from second sale onwards I was very more specific & 80% truthful about the terms & conditions of the auction. I carried on well in March as well I sold couple of registrations in that month as well. So it was good going but I tried to sell banks auction registration more than the Honda Consumer Auction.

The tie up of our company with Honda stopped the incentives of Honda auto terrace managers which they used to get by selling used cars. So obviously they were not going support rather they were trying everything to make this auction a big failure. They were not allowing the cars to dealers rather they were selling them via internal setting. I had fight with those managers of Honda auto terrace as they were not giving cars to my dealers rather they were forfeiting the money of them. Some of the dealers had won over 100 cars in the bid but they didn't get even a single car. It spreaded in the market like a viral so other dealers have no trust over me.

To be continued...

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